Translation of streaky in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈstriki//ˈstriːki/

adjectivestreakier, streakiest

  • 1

    the paint's dried streaky el color no ha quedado uniforme al secarse la pintura
    • The face seemed more strongly marked - streaky.
    • After the season, the 21-year-old with the streaky blond hairdo kept the entertainment coming.
    • Do you know, the subtle, streaky surface is far more appealing to me than the painting I'd removed?
    • But the printer kept making streaky things on the paper, so I fruitlessly spent a half hour trying to fix that.
    • During the breeding season, females look similar to breeding-season males, but the black back is streaked with white, and the head is streaky gray.
    • My brother Norton stumbled out, his hand slipping from that of a pretty girl with long, streaky blonde hair.
    • To avoid streaky polish, paint nails in two thin coats, using just three strokes - right, left and middle.
    • The attacker is described as white, with an Irish accent, streaky hair, which is possibly grey, and face stubble.
    • The Lincoln's Sparrow is a small, streaky sparrow, similar in appearance to the Song Sparrow, but smaller and paler than the dark Song Sparrows seen in Washington.
    • I don't want to be white, and I have used fake tans before but they came out streaky.
    • Torrential rain makes the car streaky so a lot of people ask for an outside wash after a bad spell of weather.
    • Women travellers should also avoid ill-fitting bikinis, armpit hair, white strap marks, streaky tans, cellulite, tattoos, body piercing and getting drunk.
    • Her streaky brown hair fell in soft waves against her face and on her shoulders.
    • It was brown and streaky with touches of yellow.
    • Sara had recently cut her streaky blonde hair in a new style, and wisps of it hung out when she pulled it back, like today.
    • When the leaves start to change color and the sunlight becomes streaky, signaling the long autumn this region enjoys, the Millers visit their retreat every weekend.
    • The nephrogram has a streaky and striated appearance reflecting stasis of contrast in the dilated collecting tubules which can be prolonged for days after the IVP.
    • The extreme atmospheric changes from streaky red sunset over blue sky to foreboding blackness felt Biblical.
    • Surely, for £10 million, we could build the new police station with quality stone features instead of a boring square that will look a dirty, streaky eyesore within three years.
    • In some places it is primeval and wet, where streaky barked eucalyptus strive upwards through dripping mists alive with frog croaks.
  • 2British

    streaky pork (fresco) tocino entreverado masculine
  • 3US informal

    • Washington is streaky, but he has decent athleticism and the size to play defensive end.
    • ‘I was very streaky in the semis, but fortunately I had an early lead on Carol, which took some of the pressure off,’ said Dorin-Ballard.
    • Known as a streaky player throughout his career, Hidalgo is mechanically sound but starts his swing too late in the pitcher's windup and was unable to successfully adapt to a new batting approach this season.
    • Pound for pound he is probably the longest hitter in golf, and when his streaky putter clicks, he is capable of overpowering any course or opponent.
    • I would call myself a streaky putter and I didn't putt well last year, apart from on two or three occasions.
    • That makes Rice more of a streaky sixth man than a consistent spark.
    • I've done 28 and 42, so I believe I'm truly a streaky kicker anyway.
    • A streaky shooter, Peeler's defensive lapses and poor shot selection were major concerns last season for a team that could use his potential firepower off the bench.
    • Jonty's job was to keep the players on their toes; keep urging them to strive for perfection; to watch the next ball; to catch the next catch; to run-out the next streaky run-stealer.
    • Both Townsend and Logan are streaky kickers, while Hodge's attempts to replicate his Reivers form in a Scotland shirt have been worryingly fitful.
    • Some are just plain streaky and unpredictable.
    • ‘Lately my game has been very streaky,’ said Barrette.
    • I am very streaky, though; when I do get on a roll I hole just about everything from close range.
    • Although the Australian then failed to connect cleanly, his streaky shot still managed to sneak in at the near post.