Translation of street Arab in Spanish:

street Arab

golfillo, n.


  • 1

    golfillo masculine
    golfilla feminine
    chico de la calle masculine
    chica de la calle feminine
    palomilla masculine Andes
    gamín masculine Colombia
    gamina feminine Colombia
    • They are always amazed at the number of bars as compared to churches - 111 Protestant churches, chapels and places of worship below Fourteenth Street, 4,065 saloons-and shocked at the presence of ‘street Arabs,’ homeless boys.
    • He swears that the murderer was a young boy of around ten, probably a street Arab.
    • There is one reference to this street in Van Gogh's letters, where, on c.17 September 1888, he refers disparagingly to ‘street Arabs’ and ‘loafers’ in the Rue du Bout d' Arles.
    • At the turn of the century it was the original Hooligans and what were termed ‘street Arabs’.