Translation of strep throat in Spanish:

strep throat

Pronunciation /strɛpˈθrəʊt/



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    to have strep throat tener una inflamación de garganta
    • In fact, even in untreated cases, only a small percentage of people with strep throat develop rheumatic fever.
    • Unlike other causes of sore throat, strep throat is treatable.
    • The pain of strep throat often feels like a sore throat caused by other illnesses.
    • Children with strep throat have a sore throat and may have tummy pain or a red rash with small spots.
    • The noninvasive and milder types of infection, primarily strep throat and skin infections, occur mostly in children between the ages of 5 and 14 years old.
    • Ebell and colleagues conducted a literature review to determine the accuracy of physical examination in diagnosing strep throat.
    • It's one of the most frequently prescribed medications, and it's commonly used to treat strep throat and ear infections.
    • Other conditions caused by bacteria include strep throat and staph infection.
    • But bacteria can cause trouble, too, like cavities, urinary tract infections, or strep throat.
    • But how do you know which sore throat is a strep throat infection?