Translation of stride in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈstrɪdn//straɪd//strʌɪd/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    he strode up and down the platform iba y venía por el andén dando grandes zancadas
    • he came striding down the stairs bajó las escaleras a zancadas
    • he strode away/off angrily se fue furioso, dando grandes zancadas
    • she strode purposefully into the room entró con aire resuelto en la habitación
    • Kaerie left her room and strode down the steps of the stairs in search of Mrs. Norton.
    • It might have been because I was gazing wistfully at him as he strode in our direction.
    • As quicker walkers stride ahead, the direction of travel is changed putting the faster walkers at the back.
    • Thomas let out an angry huff, and strode in the direction of the stables.
    • He split away from the group and began striding in our direction, shouting questions.
    • Will just gave me a look of such utter wrath and betrayal that I took an involuntary step backwards as he strode towards me.
    • She strode off in the direction of the scream and, abashed but still reluctantly, I chased after her.
    • He gave me a sad smile, dug the heel of his combat boot into the rubbery ground and spun in the opposite direction, striding down the hallway.
    • Fifteen minutes later the door opened to reveal the Marquess of Bradford, striding confidently towards him.
    • Their festering sexuality squinted at you through their unwashed fringes as they strode in step down the school corridors.
    • Nodding the redhead turned sharply on his heel and started striding off in the direction indicated by the brunette.
    • He ended the conversation abruptly and strode with quick steps back to the helm, which he had secured temporarily on a line.
    • Bross, in the meantime, strode confidently, taking even steps, a ghost of a smile on his face.
    • She strode swiftly and confidently towards Chris, hands shoved into the pockets of her jeans.
    • Once again Brecht's eyes surveyed the grounds before they settled on a broad shouldered brute of a man who was already striding confidently toward him.
    • David went deep within himself, met God, and found strength and direction to stride into the way of salvation.
    • Crouching for breath might be a more appropriate position to assume after striding to the top step.
    • The thin man slipped between them and fluttered down the steps, striding to the far end of the room.
    • I turned to find Mrs. Abernathy striding down the steps toward us, looking and sounding harassed and more than a little stressed.
    • I strode confidently towards it, until I realised that my steep drive now resembled an ice rink.


  • 1

    (long step)
    zancada feminine
    tranco masculine
    in one / a single stride de una zancada
    • to make (great) strides hacer (grandes) progresos
    • she's been making great strides toward recovery se recupera a pasos agigantados
  • 2

    paso masculine
    she walks with a vigorous stride camina con paso enérgico
    • to get into / hit one's stride coger el ritmo
    • the campaign is now well in its stride la campaña está ya en marcha
    • to put / throw sb off her/his stride hacerle perder el ritmo a algn
    • to take sth in one's stride tomarse algo con calma
    • he takes everything in his stride se lo toma todo con calma