Translation of striking in Spanish:


sorprendente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈstrʌɪkɪŋ//ˈstraɪkɪŋ/


  • 1

    (similarity/resemblance) sorprendente
    (similarity/resemblance) asombroso
    (color) llamativo
    a striking woman una mujer muy atractiva
    • he was most striking as a young man de joven era un hombre que llamaba la atención
    • a striking beauty una belleza que llama la atención
    • a striking example of Renaissance art un magnífico ejemplo del arte renacentista
    • the most striking feature of the report is … el aspecto más destacado del informe es …
    • By 1905 he had produced some of the boldest colour images ever created, including a striking picture of his wife, Green Stripe.
    • His depiction of a plenary council does bear a striking resemblance to Detroit 1976.
    • To Kassovitz's credit, it's a visually striking picture and the locations - high in the mountainous Chamonix region - are spectacular.
    • In striking contrast, our results suggest that the converse appears to be true.
    • In this light, one may be surprised by some striking similarities between Islam and its two local forerunners.
    • What was particularly striking is how sophisticated medical devices are becoming.
    • Desdemona may be Barry's child although she bears a striking resemblance to Cliff.
    • I stared into his breathtaking, wonderful, gorgeous, striking, stunning eyes and felt like I was paralyzed.
    • The Asian samples provide a more striking contrast to the other populations.
    • After all the electrodes were attached, I bore a striking resemblance to Frankenstein.
    • Unfortunately, the virtues of Art Since 1900 are accompanied by equally striking flaws.
    • Another stall at the exhibition is hung with striking landscape oils by artist Linda Wormald.
    • Photographs of him at the time show he had striking good looks - he was tanned, with a head of thick black hair, well-built and fit.
    • He is also according to the many girls that go to my school an excellent catch because of his striking good looks.
    • Really a very striking parallel with the career of Jack Aubrey.
    • The film looks beautiful with striking cinematography bolstered by some excellent choices of locations.
    • She was a striking young woman - beautiful, cheerful, confident, proud and remarkably outgoing.
    • The man was about her age, with striking Mediterranean good looks.
    • His striking good looks made him look more like a movie star.
    • Moreover, it is very striking that Camper, dazzled by the visual aspect, completely forgets the role played by music in the films.
    • The pleasure of the book despite its poverty is its one really striking feature.
    • It is also striking that the study was concerned with the factors that influence food selection, like vegetarianism.
    • But a more striking similarity is that of method.
    • His striking hair often attracts the attention of the ladies.
    • The Lavajunkie Gallery is host to an array of striking pictures of lava flows.
    • The only disquiet in the camp emerges from the striking similarity of each tune.
    • His usual design team has created another visually striking show.
    • On the other hand, it does make for a more striking contrast.
    • He made a striking picture with the sun creating a halo made of a plethora of colors around his soggy, disheveled chestnut hair.
    • He was like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt - in terms of their classic, striking, masculine good looks.
    • She lifted out the coat, a deep, elegant Chinese red far more striking and beautiful than the catalogue picture.
    • Anne Heazle was the winner of the monthly competition with her beautiful and striking flower arrangement.
    • As you enter the restaurant you cannot help but be impressed by the striking interior.
    • Even if a CD cover is striking or beautiful, it's still small.
    • What is particularly striking is the bounce in expectations concerning future business.
    • In the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna and Jesus Christ we find very striking similarities.
    • The woman was Lady Gêmini, a striking and beautiful Elf.
    • I mean there you have a very striking example of Protestant legacy in many instances.
    • From a purely visual standpoint, this is a striking motion picture.
    • The visually striking labels served as an effective marketing tool.
  • 2

    (on strike)
    (miner/worker/nurse) en huelga
    • However, wages for the striking workers are far lower than for auto workers.
    • About a thousand of the striking workers attended a picket in Kotagala.
    • The school division has employed scabs to replace the striking workers.
    • The amounts thus realised can then be paid back to the striking employees to meet their demands.
    • In addition, the striking workers are demanding that more ticket takers be contracted.
    • Because of the strike, KPC temporarily halted production, as most of the striking employees were from that division.
    • The striking workers picketed the company's Springvale head office.
    • Both the striking workers and the employer's association have admitted privately that ‘everybody is tired of the strike’.
    • One week later, food and beverage workers joined them, expanding the number of striking employees to 800.
    • Striking oil workers holding expatriate staff hostage agreed to release them on Friday.
    • Some 50 of the striking workers picketed on Tuesday morning.
    • Sack every striking employee forthwith and replace them all with expats.
    • The same tactics were employed against striking engineers at Heathrow.
    • Following Wednesday's walkout a BMC spokesman warned that it would take ‘stern action’ against the striking employees.
    • The striking employees are demanding the payment of outstanding wages.
    • Throughout the strike, about 2,200 managers have been doing the work of the striking employees.
    • A meeting between the striking workers and the employers' association has been scheduled for Monday, 15 July.
    • It has been reported that some SFU instructors have supported the striking workers by refusing to cross picket lines.
    • A vote by the striking employees on the offer will conclude on May 3.
    • The striking doctors picketed the health ministry in Colombo.