Translation of string quartet in Spanish:

string quartet

cuarteto de cuerdas, n.


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    cuarteto de cuerdas masculine
    • A string quartet was softly playing chamber music in the corner.
    • It was notated tablature - style, one pentagram for each string of each instrument, as if the string quartet were a single instrument with sixteen strings.
    • In the former, written in 1998, a string quartet (Procédé Rodesco-Letort) plays a duet with a drum machine.
    • Get a string trio or a jazz trio instead of a string quartet or jazz quartet.
    • We play Baroque repertoire in much the same way a string quartet treats Classical repertoire.
    • In about 1919, Gershwin wrote his Lullaby for string quartet as an instrumentation exercise for his teacher Edward Kilyeni.
    • The string quartet from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra was being paid some good money to play during the first part of the reception.
    • Arriaga was second fiddle in a string quartet at nine years of age, and two years later wrote an octet.
    • The Quartet is the graduate string quartet in residence at the Hartt School with the Miami String Quartet.
    • Fugue is the great temptress of the string quartet.
    • This recording from the International Arts Festival last year is a comic opera about a string quartet on tour.
    • The string quartet and the choir were not Don Gurnett's idea.
    • There are four musicians at Fortrose's concert - a string quartet of two violinists and two keyboard players.
    • Although using a multi-choral arrangement, Vaughan Williams concentrates on three string groups and one soloist string quartet.
    • I liked the music best when Brickman had accompaniment, such as the string quartet, the electric violin, or Dave Koz's alto sax.
    • In the meantime, a string quartet from Hamburg gave a concert in Rome at the Goethe Institute.
    • The second captures the string quartet, adding slight delay and flange effects.
    • Even with Adriano's increase of strings over the original string quartet, this performance keeps much of that flavor.
    • One of my favorite albums is The Juliet Letters which is a collaboration between Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet, a classical string quartet.
    • One thing I am particularly excited about is the chance to perform with my string quartet in the smaller auditorium.