Translation of strip-search in Spanish:


hacer desnudar y registrar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈstrɪpsəːtʃ//ˈstrɪp ˌsərtʃ/

transitive verb

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    hacer desnudar y registrar
    I was strip-searched for drugs me hicieron desnudar y me registraron para ver si llevaba drogas
    • Many prisoners say they were denied adequate water and food, and women were strip-searched by male guards.
    • The officer in charge strip-searched the appellant prior to lodging her in a cell.
    • They were strip-searched, given orange uniforms and mattresses, and led to their respective cells.
    • The pair were handcuffed, taken to the county jail, strip-searched and charged with criminal trespass.
    • At one point in 1999, nearly 70,000 people were suing the police over being strip-searched for minor offences like fare-dodging.
    • Male and female arrestees say they were strip-searched that night.
    • They were strip-searched, sprayed for lice and locked up with chains around their ankles.
    • He is handcuffed, strip-searched and brutalised by French officials who throw him into jail.
    • Just last week they strip-searched a young mother right in front of her small children!
    • Six members of the protest were taken to Fitzgibbon Street Garda station, where the two women were strip-searched.
    • They strip-search him and briefly make him stand nude.
    • Police had a warrant to search her home for drugs, but did not have magistrates' permission to strip-search people there.
    • The reporter, cameraman and driver were strip-searched in separate interrogation chambers.
    • Protesters sued after accusing the police of firing rubber bullets at demonstrators and strip-searching those arrested.
    • When she protested they threatened to strip-search her.
    • A woman reported being strip-searched in jail by four male officers, then left naked.
    • Indeed, immigration officials of many countries strip-search persons traveling with diplomatic passports.
    • There, they strip-searched me, made me put on an orange jump suit and cut off all my hair, just like a criminal.
    • They have to submit to being strip-searched regularly in case drugs or weapons are being hidden on their person.
    • ‘I was strip-searched three times during intake and given only a long T-shirt to wear,’ he said.


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    registro al que se somete a una persona y en el que se le exige desnudarse