Translation of stroke play in Spanish:

stroke play

stroke play, n.


  • 1

    (in golf)
    stroke play masculine
    • How he must be looking forward to returning to the Tour, where he can do his own thing and stick to stroke play whenever possible.
    • The thing to know about the honor is its application in stroke play vs. match play.
    • Why were you so successful in that format when you often had trouble closing the deal in stroke play?
    • And while the next group will appreciate your housekeeping, it'll cost you two strokes in stroke play or loss of the hole in match play.
    • Last Saturday and Sunday the Northern Rivers Classic was hosted by Ballina Golf Club over 36 holes of stroke play which attracted full fields.
    • In stroke play, that's a two-stroke penalty; in match play, the penalty is loss of hole.
    • The next morning it was off to Nichigo Resort and Golf Club for a Day 1 stroke play competition.
    • In an attempt to cope with slow play, ‘continuous putting’ is introduced in stroke play.
    • The competition covered the three permutations of the 27-hole layout in two days of Stableford and a middle day of stroke play.
    • It's been said stroke play is a truer test of golf while match play is a truer test of character.
    • I finished second at 72-hole stroke play in '55, when I was a semi-grownup.
    • By waiving them, you waive the right to keep score in stroke play and to win the hole in match play.
    • You're playing stroke play on a great golf course.
    • This costs her the hole in match play or a two-stroke penalty in stroke play.
    • These events include standard stroke play, match play, skins, and skills competitions.
    • His ease of movement, effortless stroke play and audacious shot selection make him a considerable force.
    • Up to four players can play online together in a variety of match play and stroke play conditions.
    • In stroke play there is no penalty if golfers play out of order.
    • In stroke play, you take a two-stroke penalty and play it as it lies.
    • Because match play is so different than stroke play, you want experience on your side.