Translation of stroll in Spanish:


pasear(se), v.

Pronunciation: /stroʊl//strəʊl/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    dar un paseo
    they strolled through the park se paseaban por el parque
    • to stroll along pasear(se)
    • I strolled down to the river to watch the boats me di un paseo hasta el río a mirar los botes
    • they strolled in three hours late entraron tan tranquilos con tres horas de retraso
    • she strolled up to me se me acercó con aire despreocupado
    • they strolled through the first round la primera vuelta fue para ellos un paseo
    • They were silent for a few minutes, strolling lazily down the sidewalk.
    • Watching people stroll the grounds and explore the 18th century hall was very rewarding.
    • Tracy and Trent walked off and Brian and I strolled off down the street towards my house.
    • As she strolled briskly down the sidewalk, Lewanna pulled a large brown clip out of her purse.
    • The passing looks were even more frequent, the whispers even louder as I confidently strolled down the corridors.
    • He tucked his hands into the pant pockets as he casually strolled down the monolithic hallway.
    • I strolled lazily along the beach, taking in the rolling waves and soft sand.
    • She shut the door, smiled at Quartz and strolled back into the living room.
    • Now imagine another person, calm and in control, strolling leisurely through the airport.
    • He strolled off down the hallway, but not before sending Ryan a glare, which Ryan determinedly ignored.
    • As I strolled lazily along the beach this afternoon, I found a beautiful silver bracelet.
    • Three stable boys strolled down the hall, laughing and teasing each other.
    • We began to stroll casually down the street.
    • Men strolled on the sidewalks, clad in long billowing cloaks, with openly displayed swords.
    • Matt Saunders strolled casually down the icy street, a thick black toque pulled snugly over his curly brown hair.
    • Sitting on the lawn of Burnaby Mountain Park, Jester confidently strolled up to me at our pre-arranged meeting spot.
    • Eric drew away and calmly strolled up to his throne.
    • Couples strolled along the paths, hand in hand, laughing and smiling.
    • Arlene strolled back into the living room with glasses of orange juice and English muffins.
    • He was heard crying by a passing couple strolling through the park.


  • 1

    paseo masculine
    we had / took a little stroll around town (nos) dimos un paseo / (nos) fuimos de paseo por la ciudad
    • let's go for a stroll vamos a pasear / a dar un paseo