Translation of strong-minded in Spanish:


resuelto, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈˌstrɔŋ ˈˌmaɪndɪd/


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    she's only three but she's very strong-minded solo tiene tres años pero sabe muy bien lo que quiere
    • He's very strong-minded and has a style of man-management that very much reminds me of someone else.
    • But it's mostly very strong-minded men who actually voice their appreciation.
    • In an earlier statement, Mr and Mrs Chaney described Ashley as a ‘happy, strong-minded and well-loved two-year-old’.
    • While the strong-minded will cope with the boredom better, others may need more support.
    • Woman is neither high-minded nor low-minded, strong-minded nor weak-minded.
    • On the contrary, Berlinger is spiky and strong-minded, the archetypal independent filmmaker.
    • Alan is a strong-minded client with definite ideas of what he wanted and we had to make it work for him.
    • The influence of his strong-minded mother, who died when he was only 9, always remained with him.
    • I mean, I am definitely strong-minded, and I think that came through.
    • She was a strong-minded, capable woman, who had run a business that maintained high-end apartments.
    • A strong-minded feline with some anti-social tendencies, Sweetie was still one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen.
    • Maybe it's just really scary for a guy to go into a team of strong-minded women.
    • You're no stranger to differences in an administration between strong-minded individuals, General Scowcroft.
    • Jane is a very strong-minded and uncompromising artist who has a profound interest in investigation.
    • The director of the local paper factory, an independent and strong-minded man, stood with the presidium.
    • She'd been a stubborn, strong-minded woman before she got sick, and the condition seemed to have brought out those traits even more.
    • Some of my friends readily appreciate that many men do not like strong-minded, independent women.
    • The first-years don't just come to listen - they make our strong-minded dyke co-chairs look meek.
    • Yvette is a complete basket case and Caz is her own woman: strong-minded and strong-willed.
    • I'm looking forward to working with some pretty strong-minded guys.