Translation of stronghold in Spanish:


fortaleza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstrɔŋˌhoʊld//ˈstrɒŋhəʊld/


  • 1

    (fortress) fortaleza feminine
    (fortress) bastión masculine
    (town) plaza fuerte feminine
    • It has been deployed to fill in for American combat troops required for the attack on the rebel stronghold.
    • Successive English strongholds have fallen to outsiders.
    • The use of dummy strongholds and targets can minimize fire impact of an attacking enemy force 20 percent to 30 percent.
    • Iraqi strongholds and fortified areas were sealed off with a part of coalition forces.
    • We are taking the fight into the strongholds of the enemy, and we are dealing the enemy blow after blow, damaging it daily.
    • The charter references to ‘fortress-work’ imply fortified strongholds rather than dykes.
    • They were able to build a fortified town and a stronghold they called a vault in case of an assault.
    • He tried without success to attack the Frankish strongholds while the Crusader army was pinned down in Egypt.
    • Government troops recently violated a ceasefire, attacking a rebel stronghold in the north.
    • By this time, they had gained control over all the bastions, strongholds and fortifications surrounding the city.
    • He demonstrated the value of infantry strongholds, when they were properly supported, to inhibit enemy armoured thrusts.
    • They appeared to drive the enemy from the capital within days and then mounted attacks on rebel strongholds elsewhere.
    • At the same time opposition forces began building fortified strongholds in hard-to-access mountainous areas.
    • The system of defense positions is built on a combination of strongholds, ambushes, fire pockets, and armor group positions.
    • World War I saw the evolution of a new fortification setup combining field strongholds with fortresses.
    • The face smiled wickedly, waved, and vanished in a swirl of proud bastions and fortified strongholds.
    • In this mode you make a custom fighter, then you go through a tactical game of taking enemy strongholds to fortify your battlefield position.
    • If Brocade is to protect its stronghold there, it too needs to offer an end-to-end solution.
    • Cadeyrn was gone from the palace for days at a time, visiting forts along the coast and the strongholds of his warlords.
    • The government deployed additional military forces to attack terrorist strongholds.
  • 2

    (center of support)
    bastión masculine
    baluarte masculine
    • We will discover Nature's secret strongholds.
    • It is why the pro-choice side is losing ground now outside its strongholds on the coasts.
    • The contemporary music scene was the stronghold of disco and stadium rock, the two bland ends of a narrow spectrum.
    • No, there'll be no libelling their stronghold as the ‘land of rain’, true as it may be.
    • Ganesh and Rohit hope to capitalise on their stronghold of creativity and use of actual sounds.
    • For reformers all along the rhetorical spectrum, red-light districts were the strongholds of organized vice.
    • Moreover, trade union strongholds in the public sector are further threatened by ongoing privatisation.
    • His right wing PAN party lost legislative seats and governorships in places long considered PAN strongholds.
    • But Republicans also lost ground in some traditional strongholds.
    • The middle and upper end of the market continues to be a stronghold of independent agencies such as Strutt & Parker and its peers.
    • Both countries are Labour strongholds and the party would have expected to dominate under first-past-the-post electoral systems.
    • California has the undeserved reputation of being a liberal stronghold, a land of progressive new ideas.
    • By invoking prohibitions in this way the nation seeks to establish universally acknowledged strongholds.
    • However, the party failed to progress beyond its regional strongholds even after it had reshaped itself into the Canadian Alliance.
    • In fact, the Foreign Ministry has been a stronghold of fascist continuity.
    • They take in the Thornton & Allerton, and Clayton & Fairweather Green wards, both Tory strongholds in local elections.
    • He has been to Democrat strongholds, Republican bastions and across the battleground states of the Midwest.
    • Their strongholds lie in the cities in which many students, academics, civil servants and public employees live.
    • The worst slums tend to vote overwhelmingly Democratic, and the fanciest suburbs tend to be Republican strongholds.
    • Traditional strongholds in western regions have also experienced big rises.