Translation of struggle in Spanish:


lucha, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstrʌɡ(ə)l//ˈstrəɡəl/


  • 1

    (against opponent)
    lucha feminine
    (physical) refriega feminine
    to put up a struggle oponer resistencia
    • a struggle broke out at the stadium se produjo una refriega en el estadio
    • the struggle between the two nations el conflicto entre las dos naciones
    • I'm not giving up without a struggle no me voy a rendir sin luchar / sin oponer resistencia
    • But it is not clear whether the ongoing political struggles are shadow boxing or part of a real contest.
    • Our lives are an eternal struggle between opposing forces.
    • The Bata workers' struggle erupted amid developing unrest throughout Sri Lanka.
    • A basic preoccupation of science fiction is the often troubled relationship between humanity and other life-forms and, by extension, the role played by technology in the struggle for power and control.
    • They then asked for money and again the boys refused and a struggle ensued.
    • He abandoned his studies in 1930 and joined the freedom struggle.
    • It marked the beginning of what has turned out to be a protracted political struggle.
    • Detectives are still investigating that possibility but believe much of the damage to the house was caused during the violent struggle.
    • The defence of democratic rights is inseparably bound up with the struggle for socialism.
    • One victim suffered severe bruising during a violent struggle before the robbers escaped with £13,000.
    • His feet were concealed within a thick layer of ice that seemed not to budge with his most violent struggles.
    • After a violent struggle, he managed to restrain Vita on the ground until back-up arrived.
    • Within about 15 minutes neighbours heard voices and banging on the walls sounding like a violent struggle was taking place.
    • His heroes were all engaged in titanic struggles for survival, with defeat always a possibility.
    • The sad truth is that the man who vows to continue the armed struggle is likely to prevail.
    • The manager of a mini-supermarket ended up in a violent struggle after confronting a thief, a court heard.
    • They eventually arrested him despite his violent struggles.
    • After a violent struggle Seek manages to get free from their grasp.
    • In a violent struggle, Bourgass stabbed police officer Stephen Oake to death and wounded three others as he tried to escape.
    • There was a stand-off, before the officers used CS gas on the man and after a violent struggle, he was subdued and arrested.
    • He said the wounds suggested a violent struggle and that bruising to Mrs Mace's neck suggested an attempt at manual strangulation.
    • She was embedded in the mud right up to the points of her shoulders, and she was exhausted from her struggles to free herself.
    • A 22-year-old man who bit an elderly petrol station worker on the shoulder during a violent struggle has been jailed by a judge for two years.
    • Ambulance chiefs today condemned a teenager who assaulted a senior paramedic and a policeman during a violent struggle in York.
    • With little room for compromise the stage is set for a bitter internal factional struggle.
    • His struggles to free himself were again fruitless.
    • When he and the shop-keeper returned to the tree, the bird lay on the ground, dead from her wild struggle to free herself.
    • America's wars and violent struggles are always fought with goals of preventing future terror attacks and saving lives.
    • The lesser struggle is the physical struggle of self-defence.
    • Conflict in Angola flared up in the 1960s during the liberation struggle against Portuguese colonial domination.
  • 2

    (against difficulties)
    lucha feminine
    to give up the struggle abandonar la lucha
    • his struggle against the elements/for survival su lucha contra los elementos/por la supervivencia
    • their struggle for better working conditions su lucha por conseguir mejores condiciones laborales
    • everything seems such a struggle to her todo se le hace tan cuesta arriba
    • it's a struggle to make ends meet cuesta mucho llegar a fin de mes
    • we had quite a struggle to convince him nos costó bastante convencerlo
    • Chavez, who led the struggle for social justice for migrant farm workers, died in 1993.
    • We might feel ambivalent about picking up a book about a woman's struggle with breast cancer.
    • This would, however, require a determined struggle, relying on Senate filibusters and similar tactics.
    • Pushing through the proposed reforms has been an uphill struggle from the start.
    • People were largely caught up in the desperate daily struggle for survival.
    • We never once see any internal struggle in his physically compromised position.
    • Consequently, the struggles for self-determination took various forms as independence to greater autonomy.
    • You're surely not suggesting that women should abandon their struggle for equality to stay home and mix formula instead?
    • Thus, the fight against sweatshops is defined in this context as a struggle for physical improvement of workplaces.
    • In contrast, deported refugees face a struggle for their very existence.
    • We acknowledge the support of the Australian people, and other countries, in our struggle for self-determination.
    • But on a deeper level they meant to frame labor's struggle as an effort to secure human rights.
    • The panelists urged the youth to continue the struggle for equality and justice.
    • Social reforms alongside a determined struggle for liberation will lead us towards democracy and independence.
    • The advent of the female birth control pill greatly aided women's struggle for autonomy and fulfillment.
    • It's a daily struggle for not only physical survival, but mental endurance and a lingering hope that their story will be heard.
    • Over 200 child labourers from 55 countries gathered to share experiences of their struggle to create a free world for children.
    • Theirs is a just struggle to free their country from tyranny.
    • Socialists who stressed the struggle of the poor, like the poet Attila József, were a minority voice.
    • At the same time, their determined struggle against adversity is a source of inspiration for all of us.
    • For the past 50 years, the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people have embarked on a non-violent struggle to free Tibet from its oppressors.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(thrash around)

      he struggled with his attacker forcejeó con su asaltante
      • I tried to struggle free forcejeé tratando de liberarme
      • Rachel yelled in frustration, violently struggling to free herself from Todd's firm hold.
      • I knew what he was going to do and I screamed, struggling to break free.
      • Adrian yelled, struggling to break free but Dennis was too strong for him.
      • Eric was struggling to break free, each gesture binding him tighter and tighter, squeezing his ribs and his frail arm.
      • Jerry gurgled, struggling to break free of Tiamat's grip.
      • Alarmed, Darlene lurched forward, struggling to break free, but it was no use.
      • She caught his shoulders, but she began to struggle under his weight.
      • It growled in pain, its body struggling to break free.
      • Rebecca struggled to break free but he was hurting her.
      • They soon came to a small, ramshackle village and dismounted, Mishana struggling violently to be free.
      • He struggled to break free, and the pair stumbled across the room and up against the bureau.
      • Sami shouted, struggling to break free of Rowan's spell.
      • It had a particularly ‘jack-in-the box’ sound to it, in which each note seemed to struggle to break free.
      • Meanwhile, the drunken man on the other side of the room was struggling to break free of the flimsy curtain that separated us.
      • Kicking and thrashing, Jennifer desperately struggled to break free.
      • We get the image of a man's face struggling to break free of what appears to be some sort of womb.
      • The frigate was struggling to break free, but with it's destroyed engine and other damage, it wasn't much of a fight.
      • She struggled for breath as she fainted and fell to the ground, motionless.
      • She was still struggling to break free from its hold but was failing miserably.
      • Startled, Peter struggled to break free, but suddenly there were knives all around him and he was held down.

    • 1.2(contend, strive)

      she had to struggle to support her family tuvo que luchar para mantener a su familia
      • to struggle (against/with sth) luchar (contra algo)
      • to struggle for sth luchar por algo
      • to struggle for freedom/power luchar por la libertad/el poder
      • to struggle for breath respirar con dificultad
      • she was struggling for words no encontraba palabras
      • These shifts did not occur without inner turmoil and conflict, and many fractions continue to struggle within the party today.
      • He struggled at the plate and needs to regain his confidence.
      • They said they were already struggling to cope with the 6,500 people on their books.
      • Both she and Hope were desperately struggling to keep a straight face.
      • The homesters struggled against some very tidy bowling and were dismissed for 89.
      • The loss to Tranmere was excusable, but two defeats to teams struggling to survive is very disappointing.
      • It smacks more of a fragmented nation struggling to reconcile the conflicting agendas of disparate racial groups.
      • With a new manager the side has struggled to find the highs of recent seasons.
      • Indigenous people around the world continue to struggle against the exploitation of their land and resources.
      • Why not take advantage of some opportunities that may not be there if Wie does continue to struggle against the men?
      • Shops in the town continually have to struggle against fierce competition from bigger centres.
      • Fordyce has struggled offensively all season but is signed for two more years.
      • The former dairy worker is struggling to get much enthusiasm from fellow tenants.
      • The US $183 million Yankees are struggling mightily at the plate, leaving their fans restless.
      • He was struggling mightily at the plate in the play-offs and appeared out of sorts.
      • Most of their batsmen are still struggling to cope with the New Zealand pace attack.
      • Both sides struggled to find a route to goal in the second half.
      • He and his board have struggled valiantly to keep the club going, despite facing major obstacles.
      • The city struggled for the survival of its body as well as its soul.
      • These groups, despite the brutal opposition of the state, continue to struggle against corrupt and repressive regimes.
      • His gait was bent and he was struggling against all odds just to keep himself going.
      • Tibetan culture is also struggling against these odds, merely to survive.
      • This shift in rodeo queen criteria did not sit well with women who struggled to continue competing in rodeo.
      • It was probably the worst time to begin and the country has continued to struggle to this day.
      • The network's chairman announces his departure as CNN continues to struggle in the cable ratings war.
      • Jessica screams as she looks into Stephanie's deadly eyes and the two women struggle desperately for survival.
      • Mark Bahnisch continues to struggle valiantly against his blogging addiction, but with less than complete success.
      • He's reviewing whether he can continue to provide his employees' benefits as he struggles to compete.
      • Many ordinary men and women struggle hard to achieve more equality in their lives.
      • The Italian economy is struggling under a burden of recession, rising inflation, and high government debt.
      • But he struggled with injuries for much of the season and missed four games.
      • Retailers continuing to struggle amidst intense competition, a slowing economy and low inflation.
      • He continued to struggle when other officers arrived but was eventually arrested.
      • I was the assistant captain, so I struggled with him, and managed to throw him on to the ice.
      • She struggled vainly to get away, but eventually gave up.
      • Mass marketers continue to struggle against thick competition from department store and specialty brands.
      • The woman struggled to her feet when there was a loud creaking sound.

    • 1.3(be in difficulties)

      pasar apuros

  • 2

    (move with difficulty)
    he struggled up the hill subió penosamente la cuesta
    • she struggled into her dress se puso como pudo el vestido
    • he struggled to his feet se levantó con gran dificultad
    • we struggled through no sin dificultad salimos adelante
    • they struggled on through the storm siguieron adelante con gran esfuerzo en medio de la tormenta