Translation of strum in Spanish:


rasguear, v.

Pronunciation /strʌm//strəm/

transitive verbstrummed, strumming

  • 1

    (tune/guitar/banjo) rasguear
    • When the guitarist strummed his final note, he looked up and locked gazes with Blair.
    • He placed his fingers on some strings, and strummed the instrument.
    • The whole day was spent only gently strumming the guitar.
    • D.J. smiled back, his fingers absently strumming a light melody.
    • Her already long fingers seemed to gently strum just the right strings.
    • His fingers began strumming another song, and the crowd did not falter in the steps of the dance.
    • She thought briefly about a tune then began to strum it.
    • He watched her as she remained quiet, lightly strumming a chord or two.
    • I grabbed a pen, strummed my guitar, and let the words flow out of me like they were the most natural thing in the world.
    • Josiah started strumming a song and after a few minutes Ana picked up the song.
    • You can go to a luau, take the kids to a discovery museum, listen to Hawaiian musicians strumming soft guitars or just stare at the moon.
    • He starts strumming his electric guitar in the vague direction of a rhythm.
    • Eric strummed a random tune in his guitar and continued speaking as he closed his eyes and bent his head.
    • I was leaning against the wall, mindlessly strumming my guitar, my fingers clutching a bright green pick, my hair falling into my eyes.
    • Before long he looked up and strummed a little tune like he had at the café when I'd been severely annoyed.
    • Her fingers strummed the strings creating sad melodies.
    • He began to lightly strum a melody again.
    • I followed the sound of his fingers strumming the guitar strings and his smooth voice singing lyrics that I couldn't understand.
    • Although his left hand had stopped moving, his right was still quietly strumming the melody.
    • Anthony nodded to the bard dancing on a table as he sang and strummed his lute.
    • Like a musician strumming a one-string guitar, Tompkins managed to tease a thin strand of art from smut - or perhaps vice versa.
    • One old lady in her 70s sits singing and strumming her guitar with a maraca, cataracts on both eyes, a few coins at her feet.
    • He takes on the roles of other characters, as well as strumming a few wee tunes on his ukulele.
    • Gently strummed chords are given the merest of treatments.
    • When I opened the double doors, the first thing I saw was Benji, strumming his guitar, singing along with Joel.
    • His question was immediately answered when she brought out her guitar and began strumming the strings.
    • I'm strumming a tune on my morin khuur and I'm reading DC Comics Superman / Batman #17.
    • I listened for the first few times around, then began strumming a counter melody.
    • She started the upfront on a high note by strumming a couple of tunes.
    • I picked up the guitar, slowly strumming a tune.
    • Ian preferred moody songwriters who slowly strummed guitars and wallowed self-indulgently in their own impenetrable deepness.
    • He then grabbed his busted up guitar and strummed a few strings.
    • She stared intently as he closed his eyes, and strummed the first chord.
    • He began to strum his guitar strings gently to the tune of ‘Meant For You.’
    • He strummed a slow tune, his rich baritone filling the air.
    • Another guy Jen hadn't seen at the video shoot but knew was named Allen, strummed a steady rhythm on his bass.
    • Terra heard herself quietly strumming on her strings, carrying her sad song over the whole club.
    • Choirs of drunken angels sing over strings and horns while Conor strums his acoustic guitar with passion and rage.
    • Hans began to strum a lively tune and then Fritz added in and Edvard began to dance.
    • The prince sat in his ridiculous outfit strumming a lute that desperately needed to be tuned.

intransitive verbstrummed, strumming

to strum on

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    he sat strumming on his guitar estaba sentado rasgueando la guitarra
    • ‘It's like I'm clear,’ she said finally, still strumming and strumming, trying to drown out the noise, to keep it away.
    • Once a child has learned how to sing and strum - keeping the beat - then you can try switching places.
    • And they'd just sit there all day, strumming away for spare change.
    • Midnight holds his umbrella over his shoulder, while Mandolin is strumming idly on a mandolin.
    • Martin joined in with his friend, strumming along with him in perfect time.
    • She nodded, her fingers still strumming lazily.
    • "That stuff don't matter, " I'd say as I strummed away.
    • As she strummed, music began to gush forth from the vibrating metal strings at the touch of her fingertips.
    • We all knew the piece and we were all mentally strumming along.
    • She did some fingerpicking, then strummed softly again.
    • He sat the guitar in his lap and strummed softly, checking if it was still in tune.
    • The drums die away for the last minute of the track and fade into what sounds like a guitar strumming along to a keyboard melody.
    • After ten years of listening to your neighbour strumming tunelessly on the Spanish guitar he bought while on holiday in Benidorm, you're ready for a move.
    • We strummed, plucked, whacked, and sang as best we could, given the hour and the quality of the coffee we had just sipped.
    • Scott started strumming as he starting to sing with the rest of the group.
    • He picked up his guitar and started strumming away while singing his song.
    • He saw several musicians seated in one corner, gently strumming away on elegant harps and elaborate lutes.
    • I grinned and flopped onto the piano bench as Ethan strummed away.
    • Josh was standing in the middle of the stage, his guitar in hand, strumming along.
    • She began to strum, and soon she began to sing and play a song.