Translation of strut in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /strʌt//strət/

intransitive verb

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    to strut around / about pavonearse
    • he strutted into/out of the room entró en/salió de la habitación pavoneándose / dándose aires
    • she strutted past pasó de largo toda ufana
    • the cock strutted up and down the yard el gallo se paseaba ufano por el patio
    • At Prestonfield you watch peacocks strut around manicured lawns before retiring to amazing stuccoed rooms.
    • The arrogance is masterful as Hicks struts, peacock like, around the stage, posing and displaying his wounded body.
    • Another guy walked in, strutting towards the group.
    • Watching him strut confidently through the role is a joy.
    • Without another word he rose from the ground and strutted out of the room leaving her to think of the words he had just said.
    • They prance and strut in front of the mirrors, as if their fairy godmother has waved her wand and said: ‘You shall go to the ball!’
    • If the studs strutted around exposing their biceps, women simply walked away with the honours.
    • Russ waddled in a feeble stride as the daughter strutted with a youthful arrogance.
    • He bowed and walked off briskly through the ticket barriers, strutting like some sort of peacock.
    • After basic training, the two had strutted like peacocks before family and friends.
    • A noisy courtship begins in earnest in November, with squawking, prancing, and strutting.
    • For the finale, fishy similarities of Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott strut and prance, while the real-life divas sing through the closing credits.
    • She struts peacock-like from one side of the stage to the other, gripping the pole like a chair-lift banister.
    • They go against armed forces numbering 120,000, armed with AK 47s and strutting with pride and arrogance.
    • He struts with imperial stride to the wharf and down center stage.
    • Jaelyn whispered in Brooke's ear as Hugh walked, no, strutted into the room.
    • However in my opinion he is nothing but an over glorified peacock the way he struts around the school like he owns it.
    • She normally sat at the opposite end of the room, but had strutted over, sashaying her hips to talk with him.
    • Peacocks strutted about the vast hall, displaying fine plumage and lustrous silks to everyone in the room.
    • Archer does tend to strut around rather arrogantly, and on this occasion his behaviour was inappropriate.


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    Building tornapunta feminine
    Building puntal masculine
    Aviation riostra feminine