Translation of study in Spanish:


estudio, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈstədi//ˈstʌdi/


  • 1

    (act, process of learning)
    estudio masculine
    our days are spent in study and meditation dedicamos nuestro tiempo al estudio y la meditación
    • animal behavior is a fascinating study el estudio del comportamiento animal es fascinante
    • to be in a brown study estar absorto en sus (/ mis etc. ) pensamientos
    • study guide manual de estudio
    • study tour viaje de estudio
    • To prepare new nurses, we need teachers for formal study or for orientation and certification.
    • You will continue your grade level study at a local school and there won't be any trouble.
    • It became clear that he had been poisoned while flying on Garuda Airlines to the Netherlands where he had received a scholarship to pursue his studies.
    • The curriculum can be completed in three years of full time study, including summers.
    • The growth of Australian history as an area of academic study led to the establishment of a range of professional associations.
    • The point of in depth study is that one acquires skills, rather than knowledge, which are potentially applicable to a very wide range of jobs.
    • To meet those challenges, scholars must be proficient in more than one area of study.
    • You would still have to do stuff like maths, even if that wasn't the area of study you were interested in.
    • The e-learning programme allowed them to continue their studies without the commitment of a residential course, he said.
    • Most studies of Sienese art focus on the early trecento.
    • If it's a midweek trip, inform the teacher and ask for a curriculum of study while away.
    • He intends to continue his musical studies after Year 12 with a Bachelor of Music degree.
    • Training takes three years during peace time, as academic study is included in the first two years, which are spent on the island Cruxia.
    • If you qualify, your employer must give you time off for study or training during working hours.
    • This study focused on an entering cohort of students in their first semester of study.
    • After a year away from his own musical studies, he was ready to return to school.
    • Group Awards can be completed during a year of full-time study or over a longer period of time.
    • Combining economics study with related areas in a business or commerce degree curriculum is also a good strategy.
    • Breda has also recently been employed to work in Kill Post Office, which allows her to focus more time on her studies and evening classes.
    • The effect of family changes on children's academic success is a new subject for study.
    • Their oldest daughter is about to graduate from high school and hopes to continue her studies in higher education.
    • Their only opportunity to pursue college studies was outside Shanghai.
    • Within a year he had a scholarship to continue his studies at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center.
    • The unintended consequences have already been the subject of much study in many books.
    • A variety of studies has linked active music participation with better performance in school.
    • I won a two year Government of India Scholarship for continued studies in Bharata Natyam.
    • With the focus of my art studies on sculpture, I learned that the environment where the art lives is vital.
    • She won scholarships to continue her studies in London at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
    • He did come to hear his son give a recital on one occasion, and he provided him with a new piano after he finished his music studies.
    • From classical piano at an early age, her interests developed through studies in Celtic Harp and percussion.
    • The program is accredited and graduates can begin or continue study towards a college degree.
    • Aureli is in her last year of study at a high school where she is specializing in marketing for tourism.
    • As well as the coveted title she also received a BBC Young Musician Travel Award to promote her musical studies.
    • It involves academic study as well as a gruelling daily round of training and matches across the States.
    • Bill Danforth set out on a career based on study, teaching, and service in academic medicine.
    • She returned on her aunt's death at the end of the year to Haworth, where she spent the rest of her life, and continued to pursue her studies of German and music.
    • No doubt you were excited about your musical studies and soaked up as much knowledge possible.
    • The minister added that his country would offer scholarships to Indian students pursuing higher studies in the IT sector.
    • As he got older, he retreated from the public eye, spent his days in quiet solitary devotion and scholarly study.
    • Do you feel your parents would have rather had you pursue your studies in college?
  • 2studies pl

    • 2.1(work of student)

      (masculine plural) estudios

    • 2.2(work of student, academic discipline)

      Spanish studies lengua y civilización españolas feminine
      • they do media/environmental studies at school estudian los medios de comunicación/los problemas del medio ambiente en el colegio

  • 3

    estudio masculine
    • We penetrated into a vast, dim-lit room, a cross between a study and a living room.
    • The glass she was leaning on was long enough to be in two rooms, the kitchen and the living room with the study.
    • He proceeded out of the study to the living room, where the girls were waiting for their dates to arrive.
    • It has a dining area overlooked by a gallery study, living room, kitchen, utility room, three bedrooms and a bathroom.
    • The city of Toronto was his backyard, and in many instances his living room, study, kitchen and bathroom as well.
    • The property consists of a kitchen, utility, sitting room, study, five bedrooms and a bathroom.
    • Inside, there are six bedrooms, three bathrooms, a breakfast style kitchen, a study and a utility room.
    • The house also includes a drawing room, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, five bedrooms and a study.
    • There are two reception rooms, a study, kitchen, utility room, five bedrooms and three bathrooms.
    • Have it matted and framed and hang it on the wall of your study or living room.
    • I use one of my rooms as my study and office, though one of our problems is having too many books.
    • There were three bedrooms, an upstairs and downstairs, a kitchen, a living room and a study.
    • I have put in an urgent request to get rid of the carpet in the study and dining room.
    • Inside, there are two reception rooms, two bathrooms, a study, kitchen and walk-in hot press.
    • All the bedrooms and studies and sitting rooms were of Chinese style while the dining rooms, lounges and bathrooms were Western.
    • Lisa slipped while getting up from her en-suite toilet in her study room in a new block at James College.
    • The first reception room, a study, is to the left of the hall and includes a bay window and maple floor.
    • Just off the kitchen is another room which could be used as a study or family room.
    • This room adjoins a study which could also be used as a library or gym.
    • In most homes, it makes sense that any formal dining room has the dual function of a quiet study or reading room.
  • 4

    • 4.1(investigation, examination)

      estudio masculine
      investigación feminine
      to carry out / conduct a study llevar a cabo / realizar un estudio / una investigación
      • to make a study of sth estudiar / investigar algo
      • to be under study estar a estudio
      • Our previous studies developed a maximum likelihood method for estimating the rate at which fingerprints change.
      • Instead those in the study developed a generalized sense that the system was failing.
      • His work includes historical and international comparative studies of education policy.
      • People should place more reliance on animal studies than lab-based experiments on cells, he says.
      • The study asks whether the curriculum led to learning of unlearning racism.
      • The painterly freedom of the Fauves and their expressive use of color gave splendid proof of their intelligent study of van Gogh's art.
      • Jeff Konigsberg had been working in his studio on a diagrammatic wall piece based on structural studies of the space.
      • More high-quality, linked DNA markers of herbal medicines will be developed in further studies.
      • We don't know of any long-term studies on whether people develop tolerance to turmeric.
      • But other studies show you can develop a tolerance to caffeine so that it doesn't affect your blood pressure.
      • The appearance of Mit Mythen Leben represents a milestone in the study of Roman art.
      • The tissue-welding experiments were extended to studies on rabbit Achilles tendons.
      • Most of these studies were based on experiments in which males were either removed or kept as controls.
      • To draw on this variety is to develop the study of crime in relation to a range of broader cultural contexts.
      • Additional studies are needed to develop the therapeutic ratio of all inhaled steroids.
      • The study of art history in a Ph.D. program took up the better part of the next 15 years.
      • Even Andy Warhol's sixties pop art was a study of the power of iconography and branding.
      • The catchment area for this study did not include any major metropolitan or industrialized cities.
      • This center will conduct studies to develop new gene therapies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
      • All authors contributed to the design of the study and writing of the paper.

    • 4.2(published report, thesis)

      trabajo masculine
      • Many of the volumes were ancient and rare studies on various botanical topics.
      • His earlier books include a study of the Court and a biography of Louis XVIII.
      • Among the most influential recent studies on Albrecht Durer is that authored by Joseph Koerner.
      • Both Phayer's book and other recent studies have made Pius's position very clear.
      • His other books include studies of directors Robert Aldrich and David Lean and novelist Raymond Chandler.
      • Johnson's study continues the important scholarly work of correcting this misreading.
      • There are very few book length studies of Rushdie and this work therefore becomes extremely significant in the critical canon.
      • Few published studies on the topic are available, and results have been mixed.
      • Clovis Whitfield is Director of Whitfield Fine Art in London and the author of various studies on seicento landscape painting.
      • From then until his death he published a succession of monographs on German art, including further studies of Kandinsky, Kirchner, and Klee.
      • A closer look at polls and studies on the topics yielded some interesting insights.
      • Those studies are arranged by topic, but Feldman organizes this collection by scholar.
      • However, to our knowledge, no published study has ever used this revised version.
      • Sadie's other published works include studies of Handel and Mozart.
      • A number of studies on this topic are likely to be published shortly.
      • Of the three books, this study may receive the most attention because of its methodology.
      • It is an excellent academic study of cultural criticism, especially postmodernism.

  • 5

    • 5.1(Art, Liter)

      estudio masculine
      her face was a study su cara era un poema
      • she walked in, a study in green entró hecha una sinfonía en verde
      • the speech was a study in sycophancy el discurso fue un modelo de adulación
      • The sketches are his preliminary studies for more finished drawings.
      • Unlike most of Rubens's head studies, the Glen Falls sketch cannot be connected with a known painting.
      • He recorded every step of this process in a separate drawing or a painted study.
      • They aren't really character studies so much as character sketches.
      • He also made a generous gift to the Ashmolean Museum, presenting it in 1853 with forty of his Carracci studies.
      • Consequently, the paintings on show feel like studies rather than finished pieces.
      • These characters are monstrous studies in sybaritic excess.
      • Manet's flower pieces and studies of such simple things as a ham on a dish restate 17th-century types with unequalled painterly freedom.
      • One highlight will be a fascinating trio: three nude studies by Bathus, Bonnard and Butler, each one dedicated to Pierre by the artist.
      • Like many smart yet snoozy novels, this film is basically a character study set in a very particular time and place.
      • No soap opera elements, no deep character studies, just an hour where you put the puzzle pieces together, the characters catch the bad guy, and they go home.
      • The new novel by Margaret Forster - like much of her previous work - consists of a series of such character studies.
      • Although almost no preparatory studies for the painting have survived, there is every reason to believe that many were made.
      • Some of the drawings, like stained-glass tracery, are studies for the paintings.
      • In her studio, she creates small sketches and color studies based on her photos.
      • Early Jackson Pollock oil studies of horses, presented by Joan T. Washburn, were knockouts.
      • The jury has long favoured feel-good coming-of-age films, character studies with a moral, well-crafted films from a bygone time.
      • His old art school, the Slade, now has a lot of his drawings and oil studies.
      • It's a character study, a mystery, and even a little bit of a love story.
      • Methodical studies in a sketchbook show the results of stumbling various colors over a dark red composed of cadmium red and umber.
      • Both albums have a lot of straight polemics, but both also contain a lot of character studies.
      • This work often seems less like a proper novel than a bare study of two characters.
      • There are no deep philosophical messages or complex character studies going on in The Funhouse.
      • It is mostly a character study and, thematically and mood-wise, is very similar to Magnolia.
      • Among these were about two dozen gouaches that are studies for the larger oil paintings.
      • I have a quantity of sketches, studies, some water colours, & some drawings by my brother.
      • However, unlike in many character studies, the plot is more than just a simple framework.
      • In many ways, the film is a morality play, but it is equally valid as a thriller or a character study.
      • He began a series of new drawings and studies for work to be completed in Amsterdam.
      • Her drawings from 1938 to 1940 are charcoal studies based on the posed model.
      • Large white-painted canvases of fabric, hugely magnified from her original studies of small pieces of cloth.
      • This film is basically a character study of two people who both need help, but only one of them realizes it.
      • Green Fish is a complex study of characters who are each trapped in their own desperate situations.
      • The literature is replete with studies on various aspects of stress and coping in Western populations.
      • As with the Martelli, in this gentle, empathetic character study Degas attempts to portray his friend with honesty and truth.
      • Maybe it is just a character study of a sad, desperate man and his sad depressing life.
      • Ultimately, this film is a character study of a man with a problem, and how this problem ruins his life.
      • This celebrated, rare etching is based on studies Picasso made for a figure of a weeping woman in Guernica.
      • It's science fiction all right, but it's also a character study and a murder mystery.
      • Artist Russell used to begin a painting by doing small color studies and sketches.

    • 5.2Music

      estudio masculine
      • Harmony and theory studies supported his first compositional efforts as a teen-ager.
      • Indeed, the pianist Egon Petri once said Czerny wrote all of those studies because he hated children.
      • This kind of ricercar has little musical interest, and is artistically on a par with Czerny's duller technical studies.
      • If not all the studies have an equivalent sensitivity, the fault is partly Schumann's and that of the modern piano.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (at school, university)
  • 2

    (investigate, research into)
  • 3

    (examine, scrutinize)
    (map/evidence/proposal) estudiar
    she studied his face as they talked le estudiaba el rostro mientras hablaban
    • he studied himself in the mirror se observaba en el espejo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (postgraduate student) realizar su (/ mi etc. ) investigación bajo la dirección de algn
    don't study too hard! ¡no estudies demasiado!
    • she's studying to be a doctor/lawyer/psychologist estudia medicina/derecho/psicología
    • to study under / with sb ser discípulo de algn