Translation of stuff in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /stʌf//stəf/


  • 1

    • 1.1(substance, matter)

      what's this stuff called? ¿cómo se llama esto?
      • I can't eat this stuff esto yo no lo trago
      • he rubbed some greasy stuff in his hair se puso una cosa grasienta en el pelo
      • this wine/caviar is good stuff este vino/caviar es del bueno / está muy bien
      • what sort of stuff does he write? ¿qué tipo de cosa(s) escribe?
      • my secretary deals with the routine stuff mi secretaria se encarga de todas las tareas de rutina
      • she's into Buddhism and all that stuff le ha dado por el budismo y todo ese rollo
      • show them what kind of stuff you're made of enséñales lo que es bueno
      • she's made of the right stuff to be an astronaut tiene pasta para ser astronauta
      • that's the stuff! ¡así se hace!
      • to do one's stuff
      • she went out on stage and did her stuff salió al escenario e hizo lo suyo
      • someone isn't doing his stuff alguien está fallando
      • to know one's stuff ser un experto en la materia
      • she really knows her stuff es una experta en la materia
      • to strut one's stuff mover el esqueleto

    • 1.2(miscellaneous items)

      (feminine plural) cosas
      and stuff like that y cosas de esas
      • I left all my stuff at her house dejé todas mis cosas en su casa
      • My question is, when you get to know the little stuff, does the big stuff really matter?
      • A load of kids are reading stuff and hearing stuff which refers back to Vietnam, and there is a resurgence in interest in the works of Chomsky.
      • In the box there would be heritage stuff, the material evidence of the past, as well as history, the wisdom of the past.
      • They always sell the same stuff, no matter where you are in the country.
      • There's also some stuff in the article about writing routines and the like.
      • It is unusual but because I am at the early stages, I'm just doing the technical stuff.
      • But I am getting enough language training at least to master the technical stuff.
      • Growling softly to myself I leant down to pick up my stuff, my papers scattered everywhere.
      • It's a trade exhibition for conference and exhibition organising groups and my Dad needed me to pick some stuff up.
      • There was a lot of horrible stuff written about me and said about me that was totally inaccurate.
      • I won't bore you with any more technical stuff other than to say that it is a masterpiece of engineering.
      • There was apparently a really big rain in his town and all sorts of horrible stuff ended up in the pipeline.
      • Don't fear, though, because you'll find all the good stuff between the disappointing material.
      • I said some pretty horrible stuff to her, and it still hurts knowing she may have died with those words still in her head.
      • He has some rare photos and artwork over there, a message board and all sorts of stuff.
      • They wouldn't realise a thing until they picked up their stuff to go and there'd be a nice sweetie waiting there for them.
      • Did enough of us make a difference for you to put up some of that goofy stuff you were referring to?
      • The fact that the New Statesman can't find anything more grown-up to publish than this sort of stuff is indicative of its sad decline.
      • No matter how bad I feel, a bottle of the orange stuff sorts me out.
      • I was interested in all the technical stuff because films of this nature are, by definition, feats of technology.

    • 1.3slang (drugs)

      mercancía feminine slang
      • Basically, it's stuff to get drunk with; that is really what alcohol is for.
      • If they allowed dope to be used, I could grow her stuff, she could smoke it, and her life would be improved.
      • It follows that you need a sufficient quantity to significantly alter your mood, otherwise why drink the bloody stuff?
      • Me and my bros used to drink that stuff like we now drink beer i.e. like there's no tomorrow.
      • At first money wasn't a problem I had a good job, good house, I sold my house to the drug dealers so they could sell their stuff.
      • I would not encourage my kids to smoke the stuff, but when they are sixteen, they can if they want.
      • Piffle mate, would you go in a car while the driver is smoking the stuff?
      • I slowly went downhill and back on to the heavy stuff like heroin.

  • 2informal

    (nonsense, excuse)
    cuento masculine informal
    surely you don't believe all that stuff he tells you? tú no te creerás todo lo que te cuenta ¿no?
    • don't give me that stuff about losing your way no me vengas con el cuento de que te perdiste
    • [as exclamation] stuff and nonsense! ¡puro cuento!
  • 3

    (basic element)
    their expedition has become the stuff of history/legend su expedición ha pasado a la historia/se ha convertido en una leyenda
    • that's the stuff of politics en eso consiste la política
    • his novel is the stuff of which publishers' dreams are made todo editor sueña con una novela así
  • 4archaic

    paño masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

  • 2

    (quilt/toy/mattress) rellenar
    (hole/leak) tapar
    to stuff sth with sth
    • she stuffed it with feathers lo rellenó de plumas
    • we stuffed our pockets with apples nos llenamos los bolsillos de manzanas
    • she stuffed us with food nos atiborró de comida
    • he's stuffed her head full of nonsense le ha llenado la cabeza de tonterías
    • to stuff oneself/one's face ponerse ciego
  • 3

    (pepper/chicken) rellenar
    to stuff sth with sth
    • he stuffed it with rice lo rellenó de arroz
    • stuff the chicken with the chestnuts rellenar el pollo con las castañas
  • 4

    (in taxidermy)
    (fish/animal/bird) disecar
  • 5US

  • 6

    to stuff sth into sth meter algo en algo
    • she stuffed the books into the bag metió los libros en la bolsa
    • I stuffed my fingers in(to) my ears me puse los dedos en los oídos
  • 7informal

    just stuff your things anywhere pon tus cosas donde quieras
    • (you can) stuff it! ¡métetelo donde te quepa!
    • I told him where he could stuff his advice le dije qué podía hacer con sus consejos
    • stuff her! ¡que se joda!