Translation of stylist in Spanish:


estilista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstʌɪlɪst//ˈstaɪləst/


  • 1also hair stylist

    estilista masculine
    peluquero masculine
    peluquera feminine
    peinador masculine Mexico
    peinadora feminine Mexico
  • 2

    estilista feminine
    • Miss Owen became a fashion stylist in London after graduating from Northumbria University with a degree in economics, sociology and geography.
    • Hemant Trevedi, fashion stylist, designer, choreographer, and teacher, is known for being ahead of his times.
    • Are women are essentially, inherently, blank canvases to be filled in and altered by fashion stylists, make-up artists - or plastic surgeons?
    • As a furniture and home decor salesperson as well as production director, designer and fashion stylist, Melanie Garcia is close to the subjects in her photo exhibition Cold Comfort.
    • Hire a fashion stylist who can advise you on clothing that best flatters your figure and photographs well.
    • Most stylists believe that double-breasted suits are designed for men, not boys.
    • Last month, sources claim a fashion stylist who works with Jennifer contacted several Los Angeles-based designers, asking them to assemble goodie baskets for the possible mom-to-be.
    • A magnet for visiting stylists seeking inspiration, the market features some of the best vintage Sixties and Seventies clothing to be found anywhere in the world.
    • In over a decade of my experience as a fashion stylist, I have dressed tons of buffed models who also tried on a barrage of bathing suits until we found the perfect fit.
    • The stylist himself then held, for students and designers, a crowded lecture at United Nations University, on the theme of Projecting Matter.
    • Dad is a freelance art director, mom is a fashion stylist.
    • Rose's new look was devised by fashion stylist Claire Nelson, from Cork, who brought them around the local retail stores last week to choose their new outfits.
    • Why not put all that style know-how to good use with a career as a fashion stylist?
    • Irish fashion stylists have criticised her new image.
    • In a city where trends rush by faster than the downtown D train, and fashion stylist's run amok trends wait for no one.
    • If you prefer to completely copy the look this is a great style that your favorite stylist can design for you.
    • There is the attention to detail one would expect from a fashion stylist expensively artschooled in the flot-jet of twentieth century subculture.
    • All the designs are a result of careful selection much in advance with the help of the best of stylists and fashion designers in the industry.
    • Given that drawing and sculpture provide a source of inspiration and influence on her work, it is not surprising that fashion stylist and designer Helen Cody has chosen a piece of art for her object of desire.
    • A fashion stylist and makeup artist were employed to complete the desired look, then the celebrity double walked through York, followed by the TV cameras to capture the reaction of the public.
  • 3

    estilista feminine
    • Moraes is not only indisputably the greatest living Indian poet working in English, he is also probably the finest prose stylist writing anywhere in the subcontinent.
    • With his debut novel, he also took some lumps as a literary stylist.
    • It is as a prose stylist that Makine is frequently praised in France.
    • There's really no other way to account sympathetically for the publication of this outrageous, absurd literary wreck by one of our time's most remarkable prose stylists.
    • He is remembered now as the most energetically inventive prose stylist of the 16th century.
    • Indeed, the pattern has been revisited and reworked by countless Gothic stylists since Poe.
    • It is the classical ‘rounded sentence’, avowedly expressing a complete thought, adopted by writers in the European vernaculars from the prose stylists of Greece and Rome.
    • Bruen is an impressive stylist and an intelligent, though not especially remarkable, writer.
    • I love V.S. Naipaul who is probably the finest stylist within the English language now.
    • Given that Wallace's primarily a stylist, the question must be asked not so much what he's trying to convey as how he conveys it.
    • It is obvious from the first page that Yancey is an accomplished stylist.
    • If one wants examples of well-used metaphors and other figurative uses in legal scholarship, the natural place to look is to the writings of the better prose stylists in the academy.
    • Gurganus is a stylist and magician, and his stories are beautifully crafted.
    • A brilliant mind, a brilliant stylist, and one of the great comic writers of the postwar era.
    • And some of them are much sharper and far better stylists than many newspaper opinion writers.
    • McWilliam is perhaps the most under-rated of modern Scottish writers, a cool stylist who has a bigger vocabulary than Samuel Johnson.
    • Hammett was Raymond Chandler's acknowledged master, but as a sheer stylist the student surpassed the mentor.
    • The author is no great prose stylist but the writing is competent and fluent.
    • Both writers are practitioners in addition to being literary stylists, and both have acknowledged the reciprocal nature their practice and writing share.
    • I think what enabled the first word to tip me off that I was about to spend a number of hours in the company of one of the worst prose stylists in the history of literature was this.
  • 4

    he is not only a great tennis player but a genuine stylist no solo es un gran tenista sino que además tiene estilo
    • His long silence has been our loss, for he is one of the great rock 'n' roll stylists on the instrument.
    • He was one of the finest American prose stylists of the twentieth century - is also on the list.
    • Her You Belong To Me tour is a brand new show promoting her new album of the same title, performing the songs of the great female stylists.
    • Unlike Guy, a lanky man and picture-perfect stylist, Lechler is shaped more like John Belushi and has a leg swing that relies on brute strength.
    • It is a classic confrontation - Moore gets power into his shots and is aggressive, while Jones is a tall, upright stylist with plenty of ability.
    • Jerry Lee often said that pop music had produced only four supreme stylists: Al Jolson, Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams and himself.
    • Most of their songs feature upbeat vocals and when combined with the impressive saxophone stylist, produce a ‘chilled out’ effect.
    • While still a teenager, Andrews's records quickly established him as an innovative vocal stylist with a penchant for romantic ballads and the blues.
    • He did it not with a stylist's silky smoothness; he did it on the attack, his golf swing the equivalent of a Joe Frazier hook and a Willie Mays home run cut.
    • Over her 20-year career she has been visually original, a provocative stylist, an intelligent lyricist and a sublime melodist, but she has never been a ground-breaking musician.
    • This does not diminish the lifetime achievements of a legendary lyricist, song stylist, or magnificent instrumentalist.
    • The festival is also playing host to a fabulous range of musical styles and traditions from around the world, everything from emerging Irish classical musicians to electronic music stylists.
    • She is a superb Rossini stylist, and I look forward to hearing her in more roles.
    • William Christie is a fine Handel stylist though I was surprised he did not direct from the harpsichord as Handel would have done.
    • Guitar stylist, benchmark singer, folk-rock star, songwriter and traditional song ambassador Martin Smith takes the crown of Folk Singer of the Year from his wife Norma Waters who won last year.
    • The two sopranos, Barbara Perillo especially, are as fresh as a morning in April, and if they are not the most fluid Handel stylists, that's ok.
    • In Anderson, the group have a classic song stylist who works his cornfed bon mots into smoking country tunes.
    • Neither a traditionalist, a Chicago stylist, a folkie or a rock 'n' roller, he had from the start a unique sound and a fresh outlook.
    • His natural ability to be flexible and spontaneous at the same time always commended itself to orchestras, but I don't believe he looked on himself as a stylist.
    • Amazingly, this normally crass commercial strategy gels because Benet is a versatile song stylist who handles a variety of textures with aplomb.