Translation of suave in Spanish:


engolado, adj.

Pronunciation /swɑːv//swɑv/

adjectivesuaver, suavest

  • 1

    (voice) engolado
    (voice) meloso
    (voice) untuoso
    he's too suave for my liking lo encuentro demasiado fino y sofisticado
    • he was wearing a suave grey suit llevaba un impecable traje gris de mucho estilo
    • he's a suave dresser va siempre hecho un galán
    • Needless to say he was suave, had great finesse, and a quiet sense of style.
    • While McConnell is just as sharp, balanced, and articulate as Roberts, he is less suave and more direct.
    • In the action field, he's not a fighter, like the martial arts brigade, but a throwback to the era of suave gentleman spies.
    • Ray Porter played by Steve Martin is suave, rich and a consummate seducer.
    • Jake always managed to insult my very being and yet able to do it in his arrogant, oh-so charming and suave way.
    • He might have moved away from being the Angry Young Man to now being the suave older man, but some things will never change including his original screen name.
    • He could easily have passed for just another suave foreign businessman.
    • Despite his attempts to seem sophisticated and suave, he is endearingly naive, but also intelligent and thoughtful.
    • According to marketing, drinking is wonderful, it helps you get the girl or the guy, it's exotic and makes you cool, suave and sophisticated.
    • He's known for his soft, suave nasal voice and gentle demeanour.
    • Intense emotions of fear, anger and jealousy bombard the once suave male.
    • She didn't belong with these suave men in their summer wear, or the chic women in their expensive dresses and bathing suits.
    • The royal equivalent of a Hollywood matinee idol, he was tall, suave, charming and debonair, with the unmistakeable look of his Hanoverian forebears.
    • He is so suave he won't run for fear of getting a strand of hair out of place.
    • He was an amazing dancer and his demeanor radiated confidence and suave.
    • He was a suave man, and he had won the respect of millions.
    • It was a suave, sophisticated affair with no riff-raff allowed in the door.
    • But suave man of mystery he isn't, and he just looks uncomfortable and out of place throughout the film.
    • His friends looked as though they didn't know what had hit them when Brandon walked through the door with suave confidence.
    • He coolly leans against a pillar and appears the personification of suave elegance, wearing a modern tuxedo.