Translation of subconscious in Spanish:


subconsciente, adj.

Pronunciation /sʌbˈkɒn(t)ʃəs//səbˈkɑnʃəs/


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    (thoughts/motive/desire) subconsciente
    the subconscious mind el subconsciente
    • The tasks deep in the subconscious murk elude observation.
    • The subconscious mind retains its values, and thus one cannot be made to do something that you simply would not do.
    • It's part of their program, which has influenced them on a subconscious level.
    • Even conventional psychology talks about the fact we have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind.
    • However, most of what I do magically tends to involve internal subconscious manipulation, sleight of mind.
    • Anyone think there's a deeper, subconscious fear buried in there somewhere?
    • I was going to ask if you were aware of a subconscious desire to send those vibes.
    • It is the media-programmed subconscious mind that poisons people into apathetic paralysis.
    • Even in a sensory deprivation chamber, we'll turn in on ourselves for input, taking it from our own subconscious stores of data.
    • I am reading a powerful book at present on how the conscious and subconscious mind works and it is really awesome stuff.
    • Whether this collision was really an accident or due to a subconscious death wish is open to question.
    • It says nothing, and in our submission, can say nothing about subconscious influence.
    • To understand the history of ideas, we need to look not at syllogisms but at who wields power or at the subconscious mind.
    • Perhaps the fact that the stories barely registered in my mind is a subconscious indication of my thoughts on the book.
    • This client seems to have a pattern of sabotaging the partnership and admits to subconscious fear of having his or her heart broken.
    • When we are children, we run freely, because we have no great subconscious burdens to carry.
    • There was a niggling in the back of her mind, perhaps her subconscious prodding at her, trying to get her attention.
    • Recurrent dreams are normally significant as they are usually a message your subconscious mind is desperately trying to get to you.
    • I began to realise how much it was influencing me on a subconscious level.
    • The person that was Lee Crane had ceased to exist on all but the deepest subconscious level.


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    the subconscious el subconsciente
    • Dreams are doorways to the subconscious, pathways to the spirit realm and keys to the future.
    • School days always remain a nostalgia that refuses to leave one's subconscious like an aged ink stain on the shirt.
    • He slept a dreamless sleep until voices began to intrude on his subconscious.
    • Hypnosis is used to get past the conscious clutter and communicate directly with the subconscious.
    • There's a definite sense that the landscape dominates the subconscious of the artists here.
    • All the facts are in there in your brain and then your subconscious is actually working on it whilst you are doing something else.
    • It works its way around my subconscious like the red-bellied black snake my cat dragged up onto the deck last night.
    • You don't need to be Freud to guess what's preoccupying their subconscious.
    • I consider magic to be an expression of the unconscious, perhaps sometimes the subconscious.
    • Simply enjoy the inscrutable logic of the subconscious, or delight in the discovery of what the vision is trying to tell you.
    • I believe nightmares are a gift of our subconscious to our conscious minds.
    • My psychology theme is on the role of the subconscious in the development of psychosis.
    • It's not often however that the effect of music on one's subconscious gets discussed.
    • The things that really matter take place in the subconscious.
    • Titania is a creature of the subconscious, the world of fantasy.
    • He'd learnt in psychology that parental behaviour had a strong impact on the subconscious.
    • The most common problems are very simple, and largely psychological if you like, in the subconscious.
    • Any magical suggestions on how to banish this alter ego from my subconscious would be more than appreciated!
    • He feels it triggers the access to his subconscious - the world of dreams that provides most of his material.
    • You are now in and have direct contact with the subconscious, specifically the area where your memories are filed.