Translation of subcontract in Spanish:


subcontratar, v.

Pronunciation /sʌbkənˈtrakt//ˌsəbkənˈtrækt/

transitive verb

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    to subcontract work (out) to other firms subcontratar trabajo a otras empresas
    • Other factories, she says, also refuse to subcontract with the shop because of its unionized workforce.
    • The conventional arrangement is for the major NGO recipient to subcontract actual field operations out to a number of local indigenous NGOs which do the actual service delivery or data collection.
    • All of the lenders claim that their agreements prohibit spamming, but plenty of lead generators then subcontract out to other lead generators, many of whom use spam.
    • Foundation trusts will be free to break up clinical service elements such as elective surgery, urology, or cardiac services and subcontract clinical work out to commercial firms.
    • When they subcontract to foreign companies, which brings in foreign nationals who might have other allegiances in place.
    • Under the new policy, the NSC now has to subcontract more than 9,000 of its research projects to the lowest bidders.
    • The councils were the ‘respectable’ wing of the racist establishment, subcontracting out the use of violent and terrorist methods to the Ku Klux Klan.
    • They would receive commissions for particular texts, which they would then subcontract out to scribes, illuminators, and binders, to whom they also supplied materials and tools.
    • Many of them no longer have resident artists or glass painters, and consequently subcontract out to people like my brother.
    • At the same time, the school authorities won their demand to subcontract with social service agencies to provide students psychological and other counseling services.
    • His ability to build the sets without subcontracting the work helps us get much more impact for our budget dollars.
    • A very reputable and conscientious contractor was reroofing a wood frame condominium building and had subcontracted the work on the torch-applied roof to another firm.
    • Did firm A subcontract the work to firm B?
    • Why don't they subcontract out the running of BahamasAir and make them keep the name?
    • Here, my client had subcontracted all the various aspects of the building.
    • It would be subcontracting out their security.
    • Global companies like The Gap, he explained, typically subcontract with as many as 5,000 factories in 50 countries.
    • Company management has inserted contract language into its proposal that would allow it to subcontract work or ship it to China.
    • It will subcontract work to companies and other universities.
    • He admitted Costain was in discussions with US firms to subcontract work.


  • 1

    subcontrato masculine
    subcontrata feminine