Translation of subculture in Spanish:


subcultura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsəbˌkəltʃər//ˈsʌbkʌltʃə/


  • 1

    subcultura feminine
    • What was different about punk was the explosion of subcultures it created.
    • Over the years, Rivers has no doubt aided hundreds of black youth by helping to divert them from the gang subculture.
    • The most striking general feature to be found is the extent to which what we would now call science is a subculture within philosophy.
    • The argument was that these subcultures, particularly through their style, challenged the cultural codes and values of the ruling class.
    • Make-up can thus serve to indicate membership in social subcultures, such as Goth or rave culture, or to advertise a person's identity as fashionable or hip.
    • Though much has been theorized to the contrary, such subcultures are not de facto resistant to a dominant ideology.
    • I would say dealing with people is not within the police subculture culturally glamorous; it is not something that you strive to do.
    • Use of such sweeping categorization pays little regard to the existence of subcultures within the black community at large.
    • The graduation of nicknames within armies is a subculture in itself.
    • It's interesting how many musical subcultures survive, seemingly despite the efforts of major companies.
    • She escaped but joined a punk-rock subculture involved with drugs, and married an addict.
    • Like tattoos, body piercings and heroin, it seems to be spreading from criminal subcultures to the mainstream.
    • Each of these communities of interest or subcultures has its own distinct perspective.
    • The penchant for sports wear among middle-class youth resided on an almost voyeuristic fascination with American hip-hop subcultures.
    • Parents and children within the cultures and subcultures we have studied respond similarly to one another.
    • This stable diversity suggests that consistent subcultures flourish within our society.
    • A new phenomenon a youth subculture had reared its head, but the Comet seemed satisfied that the borough was not in imminent danger of being overrun.
    • The large number of cable and satellite channels and their trends are causing a fracturing of pop culture into more subcultures.
    • There were so many other film and cartoon subcultures during my primary school days that I suppose I got swamped.
    • Cultures and subcultures constrain us because we internalize their beliefs and values.