Translation of subjective in Spanish:


subjetivo, adj.

Pronunciation /səbˈdʒɛktɪv//səbˈdʒɛktɪv/


  • 1

    (view/opinion/judgment) subjetivo
    • Although a relatively objective metalanguage can be devised to describe and discuss poetry, individual response to it is necessarily subjective.
    • I remain surprised by how subjective this stuff seems to be.
    • The farther to the right the writing slants the more subjective the person is.
    • Instead, participants used rating scales that assessed their own subjective perception of conflict in their friendship relationships.
    • Admissions decisions are subjective because they are based on human beings that inherently possess a great deal of variability.
    • Whatever else it may be, authority is a subjective disposition in people to regard something else as a reliable guide in thinking and doing.
    • The value of the items on each side of the sheet are dependent upon individual subjective valuations.
    • Of course, as my grown-up child who is obviously no longer a child pointed out, it is important to understand other people's subjective experience.
    • Editorial comment is the subjective view of one person, and as such not expected to be ‘balanced’ to the extent of pleasing all shades.
    • Even the Cabinet Office's own research shows that this is discriminatory, because it is based on subjective judgements carried out by managers.
    • Ultimately loss and gain I suppose are ultimately subjective, because each reader that reads a poem will have a different reaction to it.
    • Best is a subjective judgement, my taste against yours.
    • Essays will be scored on a six-point scale for such subjective elements as voice, style, flow, and deployment of the language.
    • Where this minimum lies, however, is based on management's subjective judgment.
    • It is not to be judged by the quality of the reasons advanced in support of it in the course of Parliamentary debate, nor by the subjective state of mind of individual ministers or other members.
    • Over a period of years a sympathetic observer notices marked changes, although such personal reflections are notoriously subjective.
    • Whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ could be a very subjective matter of opinion.
    • I no longer trust my own subjective impressions, or those of other linguists, no matter how reputable.
    • The accuracy score for the medium is completely dependent on the subjective decisions of the sitter.
    • There is no pretense of objectivity; this is a subjective film, a personal film.
  • 2

    (genitive) subjetivo
    a subjective pronoun un pronombre en el nominativo
    • The genitive would function syntactically as subjective genitive with the transactional term o-pa.