Translation of subjunctive in Spanish:


subjuntivo, n.

Pronunciation /səbˈdʒəŋ(k)tɪv//səbˈdʒʌŋ(k)tɪv/


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    subjuntivo masculine
    the subjunctive el subjuntivo
    • in the subjunctive en subjuntivo


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    the subjunctive mood el modo subjuntivo
    • In English the indicative mood is used to make factual statements, the subjunctive mood to indicate doubt or unlikelihood, and the imperative mood to express a command.
    • If on the other hand, a logophoric pronoun/long-distance reflexive and subjunctive mood are deployed, it indicates that the speaker does not take the responsibility for the truth of the report.
    • In English, such verbs have largely replaced the subjunctive mood, and three kinds of modality can be distinguished for them.
    • French also has the option (which exists also, but very marginally, in English) of the embedded clause appearing in the subjunctive mood.
    • But the real conundrum in the characterization offered above lies in the presumed subjunctive tense.