Translation of subliminal advertising in Spanish:

subliminal advertising

publicidad subliminal, n.


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    publicidad subliminal feminine
    • The rise of subliminal advertising and focus groups is the brainchild of one of Sigmund Freud's relatives in America.
    • If that had any influence on me writing this, then I have just been the victim of subliminal advertising.
    • And I haven't even mentioned the barrage of subliminal advertising and product placement that appears ad nauseam.
    • One technique of persuasion that relies on the power of emotion to influence our judgements is subliminal advertising.
    • That nonsense about subliminal advertising was a perfect example of paranoid conspiracy.
    • The Broadcasting Commission of Ireland will next year consider a crackdown on broadcasters' use of competitions, product placement and similar subliminal advertising.
    • That was not subliminal advertising by the chocolate company, but your body telling you it needed some quick sugar.
    • Despite widespread belief in the power of subliminal advertising and messaging, the evidence of its significant effectiveness is based on anecdotes and unscientific studies by interested parties.
    • The life of the new subliminal advertising seemed short indeed.
    • Key's claims about subliminal advertising were commonly taught by advertising educators, particularly at universities.
    • But I drive past the sign to it on the A12 every time I go to Brighton, and after a year of subliminal advertising, I feel I just have to go.
    • Recently released studies have shown that subliminal advertising did not produce any noticeable effects in test groups.
    • I recall that in the 1950s - 60s there was subliminal advertising in American films.