Translation of submit in Spanish:


presentar, v.

Pronunciation: /səbˈmɪt//səbˈmɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (refer for consideration)
    (report/application/claim) presentar
    all films had to be submitted to the censor todas las películas tenían que pasar por el censor
    • to submit a dispute to arbitration someter un litigio a arbitraje
    • The rural village of Hebrandston is in the centre of a planning application tussle after proposals were submitted to transform a disused outbuilding into a small dental surgery.
    • He said the six companies are now in the process of submitting their terms of references, including the time frame of the study and the draft proposal.
    • Let us know your views on this subject by submitting your comments below.
    • Following the consultation period, the Bill will be amended, if necessary, and then submitted to Parliament.
    • In the representation submitted on his behalf, he denies that the knife was his.
    • When the data is processed and submitted to the Central Depository, the missing securities will be traded on the exchange.
    • Focusing on the West Midlands, entrants were asked to submit a 200 word treatment, with an optional script sample, for a three minute short movie.
    • In the end the manuscript was never submitted for publication.
    • We didn't actually have to go out and build some new defenses, but make a presentation, submitting our proposals to the rest of the group complete with economical and environmental costs/benefits.
    • The new discovery is the subject of a paper submitted to the Astrophysical Journal.
    • Their study was submitted yesterday to the journal Physical Review Letters.
    • The report was submitted recently to the government.
    • Not counting preparation time, the process of submitting the information and making changes took a month and a half.
    • Developers have submitted an outline proposal to Wigan Council to build eight homes.
    • A manuscript of their work has been submitted to a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
    • Supervisors regularly have to go through the same process themselves when they submit an article to a peer-refereed journal or apply for a research grant or give a conference paper.
    • However, statistical findings are often presented in manuscripts submitted for publication in misleading or erroneous ways.
    • The parties are still in the process of submitting their post-trial motions and briefs.
    • Further public consultations and exhibitions will be held before the final plans are submitted for approval in September.
    • The club need to know their plans will obtain a safety licence from the body before submitting their planning application.
    • Mr Brindle submitted that mere assertion by an expert of the existence of particular standards is not enough.
    • It is in that context that we submit that it cannot be shown, in effect, whose hair this was.
    • Indeed, I would suggest and submit that it has the overwhelming force of logic attaching to it.
    • In this context, I am submitting that he erred in saying that there would not be any unfairness.
    • So it is really in that context that we submit that the Full Court has talked about the effect of indefeasibility of title.
  • 2

    to submit sth/sb to sth someter algo/a algn a algo
    • to submit oneself to sth/sb someterse a algo/algn
  • 3


intransitive verb

  • 1

    do you submit? ¿te rindes?
    • to submit to sth/sb
    • he finally submitted to their demands/threats finalmente accedió a lo que pedían/cedió ante sus amenazas
    • they were forced to submit to military discipline los obligaron a someterse a la disciplina militar
    • I have my doubts but I submit to your better judgment yo tengo mis dudas, pero como a usted le parezca