Translation of subordinated debt in Spanish:

subordinated debt

deuda subordinada, n.

Pronunciation /səˌbɔrdnˌeɪdɪd ˈdɛt/


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    deuda subordinada feminine
    • The company also won a 30 million euro waiver on some of its subordinated debt.
    • It is noteworthy that neither the Insolvency Act 1986 nor the Insolvency Rules contain any provision to deal specifically with the treatment of subordinated debts.
    • Certain transaction types are also a good fit for subordinated debt, including management buy-outs and acquisitions.
    • There could be a couple of different debt tiers, maybe using some kind of subordinated debt.
    • The tier-II capitalisation route is not attractive because securities are treated as subordinated debts as long as the maturity period does not exceed five years.