Translation of subscription in Spanish:


suscripción, n.

Pronunciation /səbˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n//səbˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (to magazine) suscripción feminine
    (for theatrical events) abono masculine
    (television/concert) (before noun) de abonados
    to take out a subscription (to sth) suscribirse/abonarse a algo
    • the money was raised by public subscription el dinero se reunió a base de donativos del público
    • subscription rate tarifa de suscriptores
    • Or does mere public belabouring sometimes debase the very virtues intended for promotion and inoculate public sentiment against subscription?
    • Web content multicast by the primary caches is received, filtered for subscription and subsequently pushed into the secondary caches.
    • Of course, we are dealing with two separate issues: the first is subscription versus donation, and the second is the search for means of smooth, continuous, easy payment rather than payment in chunks.
    • The bank will also extend loans to SHCIL account holders for subscription to initial public offerings.
    • The Theatre Royal opened in 1792, after construction costs were raised by subscription, including a donation by Robert Burns, who also wrote prologues for productions.
  • 2British

    (membership fees)
    cuota feminine
    to pay one's subscription pagar la cuota
    • before noun subscription fee cuota de suscripción
    • The annual golf subscriptions are now due, the members are reminded.
    • Instead people preferred to pay for content via monthly or annual subscriptions, with a spend of around $10 monthly or $48 per year being the norm.
    • That service relies on insurance company payments and subscriptions.
    • The centre is financed by a grant from the South Eastern Health Board, by the local Lions Club, by local fund-raising and by annual nominal subscriptions from members.
    • When you get the two options for payment subscriptions, you have to pick one of those and then pick ‘Use game card’ out of the checkboxes.
    • Annual subscriptions are just £2 and there is an illustrated talk at 7.30 pm in the Soroptimists Room on the first Wednesday of each month from October to May.
    • In paying our annual subscriptions we have the land, we have the planning permission, we have money, so build us a club.
    • New membership/programme cards are available at the meeting on payment of subscriptions.
    • As the months rolled on, more and more aspiring riders turned up, so to control numbers the Whalley Amateur Dirt-Track Club was formed and members had to pay both annual subscriptions and to ride the track.
    • All societies, clubs, associations and organisations relying on annual subscriptions find renewal times somewhat fraught.
    • Each person pays an annual subscription and then a percentage premium on the value of the investment but with no levy on returns.
    • Irish obstetricians left the MDU in March 2001 because their annual subscriptions rocketed from €86,360 to €500,000.
    • Parents of youths using the club are asked to note this and send in annual subscriptions without delay.
    • According to the official figures, more than one in 10 of the adult population plays this pesky game at least once a month, while 250,000 are so enthralled that they pay annual subscriptions to a golf club.
    • Members of the Ballyhaunis Christmas Lights committee will be collecting annual subscriptions over the coming weeks.
    • The Celtic Supporters Club has issued a final reminder to members that their annual subscriptions are due now.
    • The annual multi channel subscriptions is now due and will be collected from all householders receiving the service over the next few weeks.
    • There is never a good time to pay bills and annual subscriptions, but some times are worse than others.
    • Members are reminded that annual subscriptions must be paid at this stage and only the scores of those whose annual subscription is paid up will count.
    • Lancashire County Council will now ask for a refund of its annual subscriptions of about £27,000.