Translation of subsequent in Spanish:


posterior, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsʌbsɪkw(ə)nt//ˈsəbsəkwənt/


  • 1

    (developments/events) posterior
    (developments/events) subsiguiente
    (developments/events) ulterior formal
    on a subsequent visit en una visita posterior formal
    • subsequent to sth
    • subsequent to our discussions I contacted him again tras nuestras conversaciones, me volví a poner en contacto con él
    • incidents subsequent to her departure incidentes posteriores a su partida
    • Had they existed at any time subsequent to their split in 1983, they would have been big.
    • They would also remain unbeaten in the subsequent league encounters with Bara.
    • It opens in the same period and follows their subsequent changes in fortune.
    • Does a posthumous child have some subsequent claim over the estate of its dead father?
    • That which should have happened at or subsequent to conversion has never happened.
    • Police would like to hear from anyone with any information on the theft of the vehicle or the subsequent crash.
    • However, doubt has since been thrown on this decision and it is unlikely to be followed in a subsequent case.
    • What followed, as the subsequent murder trial heard, was a short period of chaos.
    • Privacy and sensitive support for parents and family with subsequent follow up are essential.
    • It did not follow that every subsequent implementation had to be by means of primary legislation.
    • It is noted that there was an episode of enuresis subsequent to this report.
    • He was surprised and impressed by his former band leader's subsequent success.
    • The car park is a very important part of that effort and is vital to its subsequent success.
    • That case concerned the imposition of a condition subsequent to the grant of a licence.
    • Mr Milford's conviction has subsequent to the hearing been quashed and a retrial ordered.
    • This comes subsequent to Ganguly appointing two lawyers to handle his appeal.
    • The publishers retain the courage to chalk out a new path in subsequent editions as well.
    • The theft of the items could have been subsequent to the murder and not the reason for it, for example.
    • The people will know the areas that will not be affected by flooding in subsequent years.
    • The impact of the mass arrests was evident in the climate of fear at subsequent actions.