Translation of subside in Spanish:


hundirse, v.

Pronunciation: /səbˈsaɪd//səbˈsʌɪd/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (foundations/road/land) hundirse
    to subside into an armchair dejarse caer en un sillón
    • Some also said the mine might make their homes subside, but a council investigation found no evidence of this.
    • So, that whole platform of south Louisiana is subsiding; it's sinking.
    • And without that, the whole edifice subsides, slowly but inexorably, into the silt.
    • When those pillars burn through and collapse, the ground above the mine subsides.
    • At some point the volcanic island subsides enough for it to submerge, leaving an atoll behind.
    • On the other hand, many old houses subsided, whose grounds are even lower than that of streets.
    • In fact the whole house is beginning to subside.
    • Two Marlborough town councillors fear cracks in the front wall of the town hall could threaten the building, even though an architect has said there was no evidence the building is subsiding.
    • The 47-year-old had parked up at 6pm on Tuesday, when neighbours saw the ground beginning to subside beneath the car.
    • The problem of tunnel collapse will cause the land above the tunnel to subside especially when the excavation is carried out at shallow depth and in weak and soft soils.
    • The pain in her ankle had subsided to nothing more than a dull pain, and she could walk on it now with no difference other than a slight limp.
    • The normal bustling activity of the place had subsided to a murmur by this time of night.
    • Then Doctor Gregori was finished and the pain subsided to a dull throb.
    • The rain had suddenly subsided to a slight drizzle; fishing for his Marlboros and lighter in the other pocket, he slowly lit a cigarette.
    • I laid across the couch about an hour later, watching my ankle as the swelling subsided.
    • If treated quickly, the swelling usually would subside, but not without excruciating pain.
    • Fortunately for now, most of that flood water has subsided from that point.
    • When the waters subsided, leaving just a pathway on the river bank, grocery people used to drive or cycle to the mill, then walk to our house to take orders for food from my mother.
    • When the waters subsided, Greg started searching for his new wife and helped pull two men out of the wreckage and rescue an unconscious girl as he scoured the town.
    • The animals had already retreated into their jungle homes, and the water had subsided.
    • After 3 to 7 days, testicular pain and swelling subside, usually at about the same time that the fever passes.
    • The numbness spread quickly, and after I'd cleaned the cut the blood subsided to an ooze.
    • During periods of disease exacerbation, however, the amount and type of fiber may have to be decreased until overt inflammation subsides.
    • On the plus side, that meant her back was stronger and the pain had subsided to the point where she could bowl again.
    • Then she was ordered to change her clothes and sweep up her shorn tresses before the house was locked and she was told she would be kept inside until her bruises subsided.
    • Patients should be instructed to use sublingual nitroglycerin every five minutes until the pain subsides, and to seek medical attention if the pain is not relieved after three doses.
    • Mr Curry said Avoca Street and Steindle Road were also flooded, but the water subsided quickly and they were not closed off.
    • Soon, the activity within the manor had subsided to an even drone.
    • When water levels subside and water stops flowing from the Main Pool, the carp disperse.
    • Apparently the water has subsided but that section of Huaihai Lu was still closed to traffic today at the time of this posting.
    • As the waters subside, there has been a growing chorus of voices among environmental activists that the flooding in Europe and Asia could be linked to global climate change.
    • The pain in my arm had subsided to a dull throb and we both fell asleep straight away, completely exhausted.
    • Her swelling had subsided and her eyes no longer looked puffy.
    • The Love Street pitch had apparently been like an inland sea only 48 hours before kick-off but apart from a couple of extended patches of sand the waters had subsided.
    • Once your period starts, the swelling subsides and your breasts return to normal.
    • The original burst of gunfire had subsided to two-way salvos, with one side firing far more rounds than the other.
    • But after prescribing a special bath of roots and leaves that I bathed in every morning, the swelling of my body subsided.
    • The major problem according to Fisheries Scientists is not so much fish getting washed away but those that get stranded on the Ings land are unable to find a route back to the river when the water subsides.
    • But after a minute, the pain had subsided to a dull throb.
    • She pulled them on; her tears now subsided to sniffles.
    • Luckily, the swelling subsided after less enthusiastic treatment.
    • My bawling subsided to soft sobs, then to just sniffles.
    • You should bear in mind that although wrinkles or scars may subside after only one laser session, more sessions may be needed to complete the therapy.
    • Speaking of which, the skin that was bruised gleamed in a sickly yellowish hue, but the swelling has subsided at least.
    • Calls came from not far away but I stayed silent, as my sobbing subsided to light hiccups, that soon grew faint.
    • The flood water subsided within an hour, leaving Mr and Mrs Ingram with soggy carpets to dry out.
    • It is unclear if it is the same knee that hampered him a short time ago and he will undergo tests later this week when the swelling subsides.
    • Rehabilitation and repairing of the infrastructure damages would be another huge task when the water subsides.
    • The pour had subsided to a drizzle, and it was getting a whole lot less windy.
    • After several minutes, the pain subsided to a dull ache in my rib cage.
    • He said several drains had been unblocked, but flood waters would subside as the drains took more.
    • Residents of St John's Trace said it may take days before the water subsides.
    • As days and weeks passed, the hostility turned to resentment, which in turn subsided to mild grumpiness.
    • The swelling around the punctures subsided even more, but I guess that could have been due to the antibiotics I was stoking myself with.
    • But choppy waters subside, and the sharks and the little fishes and the roosters should be aware of this.
    • All sorts of debris, dead stock, etc., were discovered when the waters subsided.
    • Shortly after injection with the epinephrine, the rash and itching completely subsided.
    • The cast was removed for the first time after 7 days, when most of the swelling had subsided.
    • They had waited all morning for a violent sandstorm to subside, but fear of being caught in the crossfire prompted Daham to leave despite the bad weather.
    • I've seen arthritic swelling subside within minutes after the stings were administered.
    • As the water levels subsided, the Duke of York made a flying visit to the flood zone, which extended to Stamford Bridge over the border in the East Riding and beyond to Elvington, near York.
    • But for the victims, the misery did not end when the waters subsided.
    • The water rapidly subsided back to normal levels leaving me on a falling building.
    • The pain in my feet had subsided to a dull, throbbing pain.
    • I arrived late to first period history because I had remained in the restroom until the swelling had subsided.
    • Along with the warm sunshine, the cruel headwinds of Bank Holiday Monday subsided to a light breeze.
    • Definitive therapy is root canal treatment or extraction, which in selected cases may be delayed until swelling has subsided.
    • It was not until the evening of last Friday that the water level began to subside.
    • After muchos medication and sleep, it finally subsided to a regular migraine by about 7pm.
    • She dislocated both knee caps and her legs swelled so much she was evacuated to Germany until the swelling subsided.
  • 2

    (storm/wind) amainar
    (floods/swelling) decrecer
    (floods/swelling) bajar
    (fever) disminuir
    (excitement) decaer
    (anger) calmarse
    (anger) pasarse
    (laughter) apagarse