Translation of subsidiarity in Spanish:


subsidiariedad, n.

Pronunciation /səbˌsɪdɪˈarɪti/



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    subsidiariedad feminine
    • Associations that contribute to public welfare typically operate according to the principle of subsidiarity.
    • According to the Maastricht Treaty, for areas that do not fall under the exclusive competence of the EU the subsidiarity principle should be applied.
    • The resolution must indicate the appropriate legal basis and be accompanied by detailed recommendations and must respect the principle of subsidiarity and the fundamental rights of citizens.
    • However, this proposition sits uneasily with the principle of subsidiarity, and does not take into account the fact that national policies might pursue different goals from that of the Community.
    • Clearly, the principle of subsidiarity has little content under the draft constitution.
    • Power-sharing in most federal regimes is governed by the subsidiarity principle, with powers formally divided in a way that brings government as close to the citizen as possible.
    • Two further measures are worthy of mention: EU citizenship and the principle of subsidiarity.
    • And in the German and Dutch welfare systems - very different from Nordic social democracies - subsidiarity and sphere sovereignty paved the way.
    • They have also applied the principle of subsidiarity to empower sub-national and not merely national governments vis-à-vis Brussels.
    • The Catholic principle of subsidiarity affirms an important role for the state, but also a crucial role for other societal institutions.
    • What is needed among the first steps to recovery is a vigorous defense of the principle of subsidiarity, according to which we understand that, for every important operation of society, authority should be held at the most local level.
    • Thirdly, politicians and managers must rethink organisational roles, nurturing the principle of subsidiarity.
    • While religious leaders have the attention of politicians and the media, they must advance a comprehensive agenda for urban change informed by the principle of subsidiarity.
    • The principle of subsidiarity is strengthened.
    • Whether greater collaboration and the implementation of the principle of subsidiarity may cause a further development of the church's teachings on these matters is beyond the scope of these reflections.
    • Social policy as embodied in the welfare state belongs, following the principle of subsidiarity, to the member states.
    • In many respects, the development of international human rights is an example of the principle of subsidiarity - the international community only steps in when the State cannot or will not deal with the problem.
    • Most groups now also suggest localization and subsidiarity as key principles opposed to globalization.
    • How does all of this square with the principle of subsidiarity in the EU?
    • It runs counter to the principle of subsidiarity and the Commission neither has the legal right nor the resources to engage in this work.