Translation of subsidiary in Spanish:


secundario, adj.

Pronunciation /səbˈsɪdɪəri//səbˈsɪdiˌɛri/


  • 1

    (role/interest) secundario
    subsidiary company empresa filial feminine
    • subsidiary subject materia complementaria
    • All other human faculties or needs are made subsidiary to this power.
    • Aborigines and other non-European Australians are subsidiary to Ward's analysis.
    • The goals of healthcare policy are in danger of becoming subsidiary to those of the pharmaceutical industry.
    • However, it was incidental or subsidiary to the primary purpose of the journey, which he held for each man was to go to the football match in Bolton.
    • She even accepted that her existence as Sarah, whilst remaining valid, was subsidiary to that task.
    • It is in these circumstances that state responsibility retains an important subsidiary role.
    • Programming is subsidiary to the advertisements that pay for it.
    • New York Life reorganised all its investment management business operations under a separate subsidiary to integrate all related functions within its group.
    • For them, a person's right to life is clearly subsidiary to the maintenance of judicial power and the idea of procedural justice.
    • At the same time, he performed an important subsidiary function by carrying news of Jewish affairs to widely separated Jewish communities.
    • Yet such details are always subsidiary to the sensual and emotional lives of her strong female characters.
    • Everything else is subsidiary to maximising the retirement income of Australians.
    • Roads serving these centres were subsidiary to the main network.
    • It is an associated issue, which is clearly subsidiary to the main point that is raised in relation to the relationship evidence.
    • But on any view of the allegations, taken at their highest, the role of the second applicant is regarded as significantly subsidiary to that of the first.
    • For the continental fossil record, such parameters and their evolution through time cannot be seen as a simple linear series of factors subsidiary to sea-level changes.
    • But these pleasures are subsidiary to those afforded by James's sensibility, which transforms the squalor and pettiness of crime into the grandeur of desolation.
    • In this exhibition the parts are subsidiary to the whole - you aren't expected so much to stop and reflect on each work; each work is instead an example of a broader theme.
    • However, in most situations the effects of soil are subsidiary to those of climate, vine variety, and vine management.
    • It is sort of subsidiary to the question of probability.
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    (income) adicional
    (income) extra
    (loan/payment) subsidiario

nounPlural subsidiaries

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    filial feminine
    • In recent years, the Fiat group has been making large investments in Maserati, which it controls through its Ferrari subsidiary.
    • Hilton's management agreement is with Walls Leisure Limited, a subsidiary of PJ Walls Holdings.
    • These individuals are usually not recruited on the open market but are sent from subcontractors and subsidiaries.
    • The United States now imposes certain firewalls on bank holding companies and their subsidiaries.
    • Multiline Agencies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Multiline Holdings.
    • Hedlund's model involves the extreme extension of operating autonomy to business units in a group whether they are branch offices or subsidiaries.
    • These are the interests of minority shareholders in subsidiaries of the group.
    • The figures were supplied to The Sunday Business Post by Bupa, the Irish subsidiary of British health insurer Bupa.
    • As a result of the reorganization, Pegasus Satellite will become a direct subsidiary of the new holding company.
    • The Czech scientists allowed the licenses to be transferred to Alpenstock Holdings, a subsidiary of Alltracel.
    • In the case of subsidiaries of large corporations, the holding company may require its subsidiaries to obtain its purchases from within the group.
    • Bank of Ireland is one of Elan's principal bankers and its broking subsidiary, J & E Davy, is the company's broker.
    • The group is the UK subsidiary of McInerney Holdings plc which was established in Ireland in 1909.
    • The lands at Balgaddy are owned by Everglade Properties, a subsidiary of Treasury Holdings.
    • This is intended to garner tax from foreign subsidiaries of the holding company domiciled in their respective countries.
    • Most public companies have a holding company and subsidiaries.
    • According to Fortune, about 88 per cent of the operation was bought by the holding company through a Dutch subsidiary.
    • Exports of joint ventures or subsidiaries of overseas companies are also on the rise.
    • It has 14 stores and is a subsidiary of Grafton Group plc.
    • The machinery at main branch on Cairo road was swept away by bailiffs to recover money owed to Luscold, a subsidiary of the Galaun holdings.
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    asignatura complementaria que forma parte de un programa universitario