Translation of subsidize in Spanish:


subvencionar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsəbsəˌdaɪz//ˈsʌbsɪdʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (support with money)
    (project/company) subvencionar
    (project/company) subsidiar Latin America
    all her money goes to subsidizing his drinking todo el dinero se le va en costearle la bebida
    • As an Irish taxpayer, I subsidise that support structure while new moms who work beside me cannot get State help for child support.
    • Instead of abandoning these millions, why not put the money to good use by reducing business rates, national insurance contributions or by subsidising the Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme?
    • It does not make good business sense for the country to have taxpayers subsidize these activities any more than other hobbies.
    • What happens here is that the little investors are subsidising the fortune-making of larger shareholders on the inside who had bought their shares at rock bottom prices initially.
    • In India, most higher institutions are public financed and subsidized.
    • Many Council members say they have few qualms about cutting millions of dollars earmarked for attracting new businesses and even subsidizing the Convention Center.
    • Elf used a system of split commissions as a way of maintaining French influence and later subsidising Gaullist political activities.
    • The draft is supposed to structurally subsidize the worst organizations and give them the fairest chance of catching the best ones.
    • Shaw requested that the income from his legacy should be distributed to subsidise cultural activities in Carlow.
    • And they subsidise their political activities with the proceeds of crime.
    • Some may be surprised to learn that taxpayers' money is spent on subsidising purely commercial activities.
    • Government must continue to subsidize social work and community development being performed by private groups.
    • The Ohio constitution made it impossible for the city to influence investment decisions at the margin through the usual method of subsidising a private venture.
    • Farmers appear to think that they have a god-given right to carry on in a loss making business, subsidized by the rest of us.
    • The question was about whether a business should be subsidised by another business.
    • It bailed out, and then subsidized, the financially faltering Partisan Review and Kenyon Review.
    • He said the Government's decision to reduce duties on the items was to lower the cost of food prices at the cash register and not to subsidise businesses.
    • And a proportion of profit from the treks goes into a separate fund to subsidize village activities or be shared amongst villagers.
    • Due to the overlap between politics and business these banks have suffered heavy losses from subsidizing state-run enterprises and bad loans.
    • The Agriculture State Fund subsidises several organic production activities, although there is still no official body which can issue organic production certificates.
  • 2subsidized past participle

    (housing/medicine/schooling) subvencionado
    (schooling/medicine/housing) subsidiado Latin America
    • Some states, by subsidizing exam costs, make the exams more widely and equitably available.
    • In Ron's view subsidies should be accompanied by price fixing of the product being subsidised.
    • King said the municipality had a policy in the urban areas to subsidise burial costs where a family was genuinely indigent.
    • One way to overcome difference in costs would be to subsidise travel for patients requiring longer journeys.
    • Unable to promote self-sustaining growth or further redistribution, the regime preserved social order through the 1980s by subsidizing the cost of food and other necessities.
    • There is something to be said about the government allocating almost a quarter of its spending this year to subsidize domestic fuel prices, but that is another story.
    • All right, suppose the majority decide they want to subsidise fuel prices so that it's cheaper to run a car, rather than taxing fuel.
    • What better way to make a quick buck than to sell off the government subsidized apartments and turf the 23,000 residents out of house and home?
    • Necker, of course, stood for control of the grain trade and subsidized bread prices.
    • Pro-family initiatives have included everything from subsidizing candlelit dinners on Valentine's Day to speed dating.
    • For how long will rural dwellers subsidise city petrol prices?
    • Instead it needs to subsidise organic and healthy food.
    • I do not believe the imposition of high subscription prices helps subsidise access for people in developing countries.
    • I think that the profit on drinks subsidises the cost of the food in a lot of places.
    • Its aim was to help poor schools cross the digital divide by subsidizing their access costs.
    • In many countries in the global south, the government subsidizes basic items, such as food, rice, bread, or cooking oil to keep them affordable for poor people.
    • Already before it for consideration and approval are two critical options: subsidising the cost of food and pursuing bulk imports of food.
    • The workers survive by raising rabbits which they sell and they sometimes subsidize their food by going door to door with a basket and asking for donations.
    • In fact, there is ample evidence that timber production is subsidized by low government prices for standing timber on federal and state lands.
    • When these products are subsidized, they are sold at very low prices on the international market.