Translation of subtract in Spanish:


restar, v.

Pronunciation /səbˈtrakt//səbˈtrækt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to subtract sth from sth restar algo de algo
    • subtract X from Y resta X de Y
    • The overconfidence indices were calculated by subtracting the percentage of correct answers from the mean percentage of certainty.
    • The amount of protein was then determined by subtracting the amount of salt from the dry weight of the lyophilized sample.
    • Compliance was determined by subtracting the number of capsules returned by the subject at the final visit from the number of capsules dispensed at the outset of the study.
    • The hemicellulose content was determined by subtracting the amount of cellulose from that of the holocellulose sample.
    • How do you count, add, and subtract in different bases?
    • Profits are amounts that are calculated based on subtracting what something cost to make from what it grosses.
    • For example, gross margin equals cost of sales subtracted from revenue.
    • Not only does the game add and subtract a number of different fields to generate a final total for a race, you can easily spend half a minute or more just watching the game tally up the number of mistakes you made.
    • Then by subtracting his count from the clock reading, he has the time at which the observation was made.
    • On standard problems, solutions were coded as covert when the child simply added or subtracted the correct number of chips in a single operation.
    • Dollar amounts were calculated by subtracting the rework cost from the Navy stock number ‘ready-for-issue’ value.
    • So to get the correct figure, we have to subtract the number of days when it was both.
    • To calculate the female population size, I subtracted the number of males from the estimated population size for both sexes.
    • Net income was calculated by first subtracting each enterprise's total expenses from the total revenue.
    • Now, all that simple arithmetic simply means that you add 50 to your chosen number, then you subtract the chosen number!
    • The Red Sox in the 1970s had a system based on numerical values, requiring players to add and subtract the number of touches by a coach to determine the play.
    • But when you fill out the worksheet, you must subtract the amount of your payment before those deductions, known as offsets.
    • In first grade my teachers taught me how to add and subtract big numbers.
    • Mikhail can spell words such as elephant, and add and subtract four-digit numbers, and is learning multiplication.
    • The index is calculated by subtracting the percentage of respondents holding a positive outlook from the percentage of those with a negative outlook.

intransitive verb

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