Translation of subvert in Spanish:


socavar las bases de, v.

Pronunciation /səbˈvəːt//səbˈvərt/

transitive verb


  • 1

    (system/government) socavar las bases de
    (authority) minar
    (role) trastocar
    • She clearly sees this as an attempt by the Republicans to steal her vote and subvert the system.
    • Furthermore, the same group seem close to, if not the same as, those who have subverted democracy in the federal Liberal Party.
    • Sequestering this great power in an unaccountable governing agency subverts democracy itself by treating citizens as children.
    • We hate an electoral system that is driven by money and that subverts real democracy.
    • Are we to save our democratic systems by subverting them?
    • Attempts to subvert the system while apparently remaining within it will likely be a lot more common.
    • Terrorism is hard to defend against because it subverts our institutions and turns our own freedoms and capabilities against us.
    • By showing how easy it is to subvert the system the fear goes away.
    • The parable, like the stories of the heroic women who disobeyed, in effect subverts the patriarchal system.
    • At the same time, big business is seen as subverting the democratic process through its financial support of favored candidates.
    • The attempts to subvert the constitution and establish an autocratic form of rule have been on the agenda for quite some time.
    • I think he will continue to find ways to subvert democracy in his own country.
    • Even exercising our vote may turn out to be no more than palliative in a democracy continually subverted by the power of money.
    • Does not the abrogation amount to subverting the justice system?
    • Reactionary attempts to abolish or subvert parliamentary democracy must be resisted.
    • Someone who subverts the system of nature, by constantly using the supernatural world, is going against the will of God.
    • Please reject this underhanded attempt to subvert democracy in Illinois.
    • The institution is successfully subverted from its institutional purpose and is converted into a private enterprise.
    • This is the truth missing from mythology, the truth that subverts the violent system of this world.
    • They would have to subvert the system to keep her over here, but it could be done.
  • 2

    (morality/diplomat/belief) subvertir