Translation of succeeding in Spanish:


subsiguiente, adj.

Pronunciation /səkˈsidɪŋ//səkˈsiːdɪŋ/


  • 1

    in the succeeding weeks en las semanas subsiguientes
    • succeeding generations will prove us to be right las generaciones futuras / venideras demostrarán que teníamos razón
    • each succeeding year was worse cada año que pasaba las cosas iban peor
    • in the succeeding confusion en la confusión que siguió
    • I have all the respect in the world for each succeeding generation of bodybuilders.
    • For the succeeding several Sundays, the Inquirer printed dozens of responses, supporting or refuting Mary's claim.
    • But succeeding generations of people like me will find marriage irrelevant, and pointless, and will go their own way.
    • As Paul Russell explains, the legacy of this craftsmanship was to prove useful to both the Normans and succeeding generations.
    • In the succeeding 400 years, there have been attempts to resuscitate the Venezuelan pearl industry, but most such endeavors have proved unsuccessful.
    • The divisions were less ethnic than regional and political in character, but grew more rather than less intense with succeeding stages of conflict.
    • The results would have profound implications for succeeding generations of Canadian Baptists.
    • For the three succeeding years, until the spring of 1879, the town grew steadily but slowly.
    • There is every evidence that these numbers will increase substantially in the 2004 field season and will probably double again in succeeding years.
    • Once this gene alteration has taken place, the changed (mutant) gene can then be passed on to succeeding generations.
    • The increase in output in the succeeding decade was nevertheless real enough.
    • Cashflow forecasts, which normally cover 12 month periods, should be prepared for the succeeding two to three years.
    • In the succeeding examples, I will simply state the relevant conclusions and refer to supporting evidence published elsewhere.
    • That is the theme of the succeeding three or four pages.
    • I remember reading Deighton's novels when they first appeared, but it seems to me the enjoyment diminished with each succeeding book.
    • The succeeding articles in this series will provide a fairly comprehensive list of what has been on.
    • The nest is used in succeeding years by many other species, e.g., owls.
    • The report is highly critical of succeeding governments because to date nothing has happened.
    • The succeeding section deals with the crucial issue of capital controls.
    • Just do your succeeding few workouts as you usually do them to let your muscles fully recover.