Translation of success in Spanish:


éxito, n.

Pronunciation /səkˈsɛs//səkˈsɛs/


  • 1

    (good outcome)
    éxito masculine
    success in one's career el éxito en la vida profesional
    • success has gone to her head el éxito se le ha subido a la cabeza
    • did you have any success (in) finding a job? ¿pudiste conseguir trabajo?
    • they had a great deal of success with their advertising campaign su campaña publicitaria fue todo un éxito
    • we didn't have much success with the banks we approached no tuvimos mucha suerte con los bancos a los que nos dirigimos
    • to meet with success tener éxito
    • without success sin (ningún) éxito / resultado
    • before noun the police's success rate in solving crimes el porcentaje de casos que la policía logra resolver
    • we're proud of our high success rate in these exams estamos orgullosos de nuestro alto porcentaje de aprobados en estos exámenes
    • Those who have always good hope in the midst of misfortunes, and who are delighted with good luck, are suspected of being very pleased with the ill success of the affair, if they are not equally distressed by bad luck.
  • 2

    (successful thing, person)
    éxito masculine
    to be a success ser un éxito
    • the outing was not a success la excursión no fue precisamente un éxito
    • she was a great success with my family le cayó muy bien a mi familia
    • he's a success with the girls tiene éxito con las chicas
    • he always makes a success of any venture he is involved in siempre saca adelante sus proyectos con éxito
    • People that share your successes and failures, joys and sorrows, highs and lows.
    • Already in his sixties it was his last attempt to make a success of the final years of his life.
    • He said the exhibition had been a massive success with people queuing into the park grounds.
    • No one knows why this small insect has been such a big success with Chinese people.
    • Hidden away in this week's news are pointers to what will actually make a success of an online business.
    • She had a great love of young people and was delighted to hear of their successes and achievements.
    • The citation pays tribute to her dedication and enthusiasm, and the notable successes she has achieved.
    • The harder but surer way is to make a success of a business of your own and then sell it on to someone willing to pay millions.
    • To cite individual failures in no way negates the many successes which have been achieved in the medical field.
    • You saw his enthusiasm, he's up for it, He really, really wants to make a success of it.
    • The centre claims the ban has been a success and most people have followed the rules.
    • You are much more likely to make a success of something if you love what you are doing and have a passion for it.
    • The opening game this past Saturday was a great success and many people had lots of fun.
    • This was not a fragile plot that would have collapsed had the US government been able to achieve a few successes.
    • She said he was worried about money and felt he had failed to make a success of his life.
    • Condolences go to the proprietors of the shop who have worked so hard to make a success of it.
    • This very talented group have had numerous successes in festivals all over the country.
    • I think he has put in a lot of hours to try to make a success of things.
    • Nevertheless most of us achieve our competitive successes as part of a team.
    • The concert was a great success and attended by people from many parts of the country.