Translation of such in Spanish:


tal, adj.

Pronunciation /sʌtʃ//sətʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(emphasizing degree, extent)

      (+ noun) tal
      (+ adjective) tan
      I woke up with such a headache me levanté con tal dolor de cabeza …
      • it's such a bore! ¡es tan aburrido!
      • such a charming girl! ¡qué chica más / tan encantadora!
      • she gave me such a look! ¡me miró de una manera … !
      • I've got such a lot of work to do tengo tanto (trabajo) que hacer
      • I've never heard such nonsense nunca he oído semejante / tamaña estupidez
      • such impertinence! ¡qué impertinencia!

    • 1.2

      such … (that) tal/tan … que
      • it was done in such a way that nobody noticed se hizo de tal manera que nadie lo notó
      • do it in such a way that nobody notices hazlo de (tal) manera que nadie lo note
      • I was in such pain (that) I couldn't sleep tenía tanto / tal dolor que no pude dormir

    • 1.3

      such … as tan … como
      • such a patient teacher as you un maestro tan paciente como tú
      • he had never experienced such pain as he was feeling nunca había sentido un dolor tan fuerte como el que sentía

  • 2

    • 2.1(of this, that kind)

      such children are known as … a dichos / a tales niños se los conoce como …
      • such a journey would take weeks un viaje así / como ese llevaría semanas
      • no doubt some such solution will be found sin duda se encontrará una solución semejante / de ese tipo
      • there's no such person here no hay nadie con ese nombre aquí
      • there's no such thing as the perfect crime el crimen perfecto no existe
      • I said no such thing! ¡yo no dije tal cosa!
      • you'll do no such thing! ¡de ninguna manera!
      • would you have such a thing as a calculator on you? ¿no tendrías por casualidad una calculadora?
      • there's such a thing as a comb, you know ¿sabes que existe una cosa que se llama peine?
      • such jobs as mine trabajos como el mío

    • 2.2(unspecified)

      the letter tells you to go to such a house on such a date la carta te dice que vayas a tal casa a tal hora
      • until such time as we are notified hasta (el momento en) que se nos notifique

  • 3formal

    (the few, the little)
    such … as
    • such women as he knew were all older las pocas mujeres que conocía eran todas mayores
    • such money as I earn I give to my parents el poco dinero que gano se lo doy a mis padres


  • 1

    • 1.1(of the indicated kind)

      such were her last words tales fueron sus últimas palabras
      • snakes, lizards and such serpientes, lagartijas y cosas por el estilo
      • such is life así es la vida
      • In fact she was only the fourth woman to receive such a degree in the whole of North America.
      • My home is beautiful and I have lovely children who have been spared such suffering.
      • They light up the night sky like a beautiful but harmless fire, if such a thing existed.
      • As is often the case in such volumes, the quality of the articles is a bit uneven.
      • The authors attempt to justify the diagnosis of allodynia in just such a patient.
      • It was the absolute very least I could do to throw him a party on such an occasion.
      • Any such cost will of course have to be met by the people and friends of All Saints!
      • There are few executives with a wit or the patience to withstand such a showing.
      • Why would such a patent democrat and friend of freedom engage such a course of action?
      • It is the first time that an English cathedral has sent any of its personnel on such a course.
      • As such, fans of such music will probably quickly fall in love with her crisp style.
      • Another such occasion was when a woman with three dogs, decided to let one of them off the lead.
      • On one such occasion he actually sat in the newsroom and typed out his stuff there and then.
      • They could never progress to plane solutions since we know that such are impossible.
      • Ann is not often completely disappointed in our ventures but this was one such occasion.
      • At no previous stage this season have Celtic had such a lead in the championship race.
      • It points out how the whole care team can help with such patients' medical and social needs.
      • It did not feel right that such patients should actually be in with very elderly patients.
      • Literary agents are queuing up to sign on young writers from such courses, she says.
      • The guidelines say that such patients are at high risk of a full stroke within a month.

    • 1.2

      such as como
      • incidents such as these incidentes como estos
      • many modern inventions, such as radar … muchos inventos modernos, (tales) como el radar …
      • I've read many of his books — such as? he leído muchos de sus libros — ¿(como) por ejemplo?

  • 2

    such as
    • such … as
    • such (people) as were dissatisfied quienes estaban descontentos
  • 3

    (of such a kind, extent, degree)
    such that tal … que
    • the pain was such that I screamed fue tal el dolor / fue tan grande el dolor, que grité