Translation of suckling in Spanish:


lactante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsək(ə)lɪŋ//ˈsʌklɪŋ/



  • 1

    lactante masculine
    • The tongue of the suckling infant cleaves to its palate for thirst; young children beg for bread, no one extends it to them.
    • Saul did the same thing at Amalek: ‘Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, infant and suckling.’
    • Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings come these questions and this woman, this survivor said, ‘I managed to make a hole in the back of the gas chamber and escape’.
    • Roast suckling pig might evoke the same lip-smacking if it wasn't such a chintzy portion.
    • The roast suckling pig is reason for those who crave this dish to hunger for Tuesdays, the only day they serve it.
    • For Freud, what is ‘primitive’ is not savage society, however, but infantile sexuality, the instinctive and libidinal attachment of a suckling child to its mother.
    • My first dinner there is on a Monday, and the menu lists suckling pig as a plat du jour, available only on weekends.
    • From the mouths of babes and sucklings You established strength.
    • But where else could you take a group of friends to share a whole roast suckling pig, which you might have preceded with duck liver on toast?
    • Long rows of food stalls were set up to feed the visitors, which included a variety of Thai food, roast turkey and suckling pig fresh from the grill.
    • They come bearing gifts, a whole roasted suckling pig, delicacies like bird's nest soup and abalone and sweets.
    • No other radiation-induced lesions were evident on the skin of any of the other animals exposed as sucklings.
    • One sow with hundreds of suckling piglets - the great mother teat for the world.
    • And being the over-the-top Chinese parents they are, they had a whole suckling pig roasting on a spit.
    • Auriga is depicted by a charioteer who holds a goat in his left arm and some suckling kids in his lap.
    • Delightful, but time-consuming in preparation (there was no way we would have remembered to call ahead 12 hours in advance to warn them we wanted to eat the whole roast suckling, Laotian-style).
    • The foie gras is thick and lusty, the wild-bass tartare tasty but cut too chunky, the suckling pig good but too oily.
    • The crackling roast suckling pig may divide your table; it's nasty to some, but to others, each bite echoes the sound of maracas.
    • In some cases, families sent their infants to live with wet nurses in the country - but sucklings might not survive if the wet nurses favoured their own babies.
    • On Sundays both locations have lechon - the whole roasted suckling pig that's a staple at Filipino galas - with spoon-tender flesh and crisp, burnished skin.