Translation of sudden in Spanish:


repentino, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsədn//ˈsʌd(ə)n/


  • 1

    (change/decision) (rushed) repentino
    (decision/change) (rushed) súbito
    (unexpected) imprevisto
    (unexpected) inesperado
    he felt a sudden urge to laugh de repente / de pronto le entraron ganas de reírse
    • he made a sudden dash for the door de repente / de pronto se precipitó hacia la puerta
    • isn't this all rather sudden? ¿esto no es un poco apresurado / precipitado?
    • Having a credit card can be invaluable if you have a sudden and unexpected expense, or even if you've just overspent.
    • The results represent a sudden and widespread shift in public mood in Britain.
    • They were caused by a sudden violent downpour which drains were unable to cope with.
    • Kees said the decision to go on their own was not sudden but one which had been in the pipeline for quite some time.
    • Much of this comes in sudden downpours in spring and autumn which sometimes cause devastating flash floods.
    • However, it was a sudden dip in the dollar's value that spurred speculative activity.
    • Fans of the show understand that the most hilarious visual joke might immediately be followed by sudden tragedy.
    • He was working down Turner Shaft one day when there was a sudden rock fall which buried him and killed him instantly.
    • However, the condition can lead to sudden and unexpected death, often in early adulthood.
    • He had a sudden, blinding flash of pain and felt his legs going numb.
    • The car's hazard warning lights automatically switch on with sudden braking or in a collision.
    • To a schoolboy like myself at the time, they were a sudden flash of lightning that lit a dark landscape.
    • I felt a sudden urge to come home as quickly as possible so that I could discuss this with my father.
    • The sudden release of the stored chlorine allows rapid destruction of ozone to occur and the ozone hole is formed.
    • An elderly monk presented with a sharp thoracic back pain of sudden onset and shortness of breath.
    • I wasn't expecting moments of sudden and beautiful revelation, empathy, kinship.
    • Antipsychotic drugs should also be considered in unexplained sudden deaths in psychotic patients.
    • I saw it in the sudden stiffening of his posture and the sharp flash in his hazel eyes.
    • At this altitude the wind would cause the carefully tended lawn to tremble with a chill, sudden and shocking.
    • Injuries to the eye, such as sudden force from a flying stone, or sharp poke in the eye, can cause a cataract to develop.
  • 2

    (movement) brusco