Translation of suddenly in Spanish:


de repente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈsədnli//ˈsʌd(ə)nli/


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    de repente
    de pronto
    • I recall that a teacher was standing in front of me when suddenly there was a big thud.
    • Auden spent much of the last years of his life in Oxford, and died suddenly in Vienna.
    • It was a time of relative calm in the Balkans, and Belgrade was suddenly a lively city.
    • He was looking better than he had in a long time, so it was a terrible shock that he died so suddenly.
    • I found this in the archives and was suddenly very very interested in what she had to say.
    • We needed to warm up, and I suddenly realised how we could end up our day out with a bit of fun in the sun.
    • We were sitting outside a bar when suddenly the heavens opened and it just began to pour down.
    • Friends of a young mother who died suddenly are gearing up to raise cash for her son.
    • I had finished dinner and was about to give up hope when suddenly he was standing there.
    • It suddenly reminded me of being at my grandad's in Scotland when he used to keep sheep.
    • He can be sitting there quite happily, and then suddenly leap up and hit his dad for no reason.
    • He knew how to get a horse ready for the track but suddenly he was responsible for everything.
    • I had just got a cup of coffee and was standing in the aisle of the bus when it braked very suddenly.
    • What we see is a girl who suddenly grasps the point of taking control and finds it liberating.
    • At this stage it looked like the goals were just going to continue but the game suddenly changed.
    • He is a flawed, insecure character who seems suddenly to fear being left on his own.
    • It suddenly struck me as to how different everything looked from that point of view.
    • The animal promptly followed her into the road and a car had to brake suddenly to avoid it.
    • It is an illness which can just hit you out of nowhere and suddenly your energy is gone.
    • Against the odds, he calls up suddenly and agrees to meet us in a bar to discuss the show.
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