Translation of suffer in Spanish:


sufrir, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsʌfə//ˈsəfər/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (damage/loss/injury/defeat) sufrir
    (pain) padecer
    (pain) sufrir
    (hunger) padecer
    (hunger) pasar
    to suffer hardship pasar necesidades
    • Too often, it's the children who appear to suffer most.
    • Mr Thompson, who had an existing heart condition, suffered a mild heart attack following the assault but his consultant was unable to confirm the attack caused it.
    • The rest of us see suffering people who need help.
    • But despite their own personal suffering the couple were determined to give a loving home to children who so desperately needed it.
    • No matter who deserves the blame for the blackout, the reality is people suffered, and so did the economy.
    • As an openly gay man in a much less tolerant era, he suffered constant abuse and rejection in his quest to ‘make them understand’.
    • I feel like I should wear my battle wounds with pride, flaunt my sufferings, but I don't think I have suffered.
    • It gives me much pleasure to help keep open Francis House and other sanctuaries for suffering children whose parents can ill afford the ways and means of looking after them.
    • The physical and psychological sufferings of survivors tend to pale in comparison to the total number of victims.
    • He learnt a great deal about the sufferings, the courage and the strengths of the East European churches.
    • They say the ministry has failed to stem the tide of the disease and also shown a considerable lack of concern for suffering farmers.
    • Older children may suffer personality changes from mild to the extreme.
    • Japanese troops poured into the wartime capital city of Nanjing on 13 December 1937, after suffering heavy casualties in Shanghai.
    • The joys and sufferings here are meant to test how we behave under different circumstances in life.
    • That's the first political defeat he's suffered in 20 years in power.
    • All the poems are short paeans to the indomitable courage of ordinary suffering people.
    • This really struck a cord with me, she was deciding whether or not to go abroad to a country that would allow it but in the end she became a lot worse and suffered.
    • They talk to us about their struggles in their native land and all that they endured and suffered to get to this country.
    • Both sides suffered many casualties during their engagement.
    • I'm not sure the disbarment incrementally adds that much more to the punishment he's personally suffered.
  • 2

  • 3literary

    to suffer sb to + inf dejar que algn + subj
    • she would not suffer him to come near her no dejaba que se le acercase
    • I accept that I suffered the defendant to supply heroin from my premises although I informed him on numerous occasions that I did not want him to do so.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (experience pain, difficulty)
    to suffer in silence sufrir en silencio
    • to make sb suffer hacer sufrir a algn
    • to suffer for sth sufrir las consecuencias de algo
    • she suffered later for this rash decision más tarde sufrió las consecuencias de esta precipitada decisión
    • to suffer for one's sins expiar sus (or mis etc.) culpas
    • I drank too much last night and now I'm suffering for my sins anoche bebí demasiado y ahora estoy sufriendo las consecuencias
  • 2

    (be affected, deteriorate)
    (health/eyesight) resentirse
    (relationship/business/performance) verse afectado
    (performance/relationship/business) resentirse
    • We are in an era of higher transport and labour costs, yet they are going to transport the milk further, which is going to take more time, with the quality of milk suffering.
    • This lets them compete on price with the big producers from Norway and Chile - but the downside is that the quality of the fish suffers.
    • Bird dismisses fears that editorial quality will suffer.
    • People with hearing problems in Bradford say their quality of life is suffering as they wait up to two years to be fitted with a hearing aid.
    • There's little continuity to team rosters, and the quality of play suffers greatly.
    • One elderly woman who suffers from angina and is too frightened to be identified, said her quality of life is suffering as a result of the gang's actions.
    • Murray says that range could be extended to as far as 7 kilometres, although obviously the quality of service suffers over such distances.
    • You need hundreds of megabytes of spare disk space to store your movie, you can't use a Mac and if you try to enlarge the image (using a media player), picture quality suffers.
    • These tracks were all recorded in the 1930s or 1940s, so, of course, the quality suffers through primitive recording.
    • Global support for Olympics will suffer if Games appear tainted
    • Limiting the selection in this way ensures that the food is freshly prepared and that the chefs stick to the specialities they cook best so that neither taste nor quality suffers.
    • Our quality of life is suffering and we had hoped the inquiry would put a stop to all this.
    • I used to be so fast that sometimes quality would suffer, but I think I've got over that.
    • Without it, quality will suffer at every level from the standard of research, thinking and writing to the number of typos.
    • Graffiti is a nuisance, it lowers the tone of the neighbourhood and everybody's quality of life suffers.
    • His appointments shape the country's main broadcaster, though there are criticisms that quality has suffered on his watch.
    • Health care workers have been fired and laid off in huge numbers, while quality and access suffers for it.
    • Dentists blame the terms imposed on them by the NHS regulations, saying they are having to treat too many patients in too short a time, and that quality of service is suffering.
    • Quality television programmes will suffer as a ratings war between BBC and ITV sidelines them in favour of soaps, an independent producer warned.
    • Pools and the buildings became shabby; even the water quality suffered.
  • 3to suffer from

    (be afflicted)
    sufrir de
    padecer de formal
    he suffers from asthma padece de asma formal
    • he still suffers from the wound todavía se resiente de la herida
    • I suffer dreadfully from shyness soy terríblemente tímido
    • The first Claimant is now 33 years old; he is a deaf mute and suffers from mental illness.
    • If you have allergic asthma, you or other family members may well also suffer from eczema or hay fever.
    • The child was not suffering from any physical ailment which could be cured through surgery.
    • The woman was taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and was later released.
    • My husband suffers from angina so I was very worried about him, but it seems he'll be all right.
    • Two fights broke out and a man had to be taken to hospital by ambulance suffering from a head injury.
    • Members suffer from illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and asthma.
    • Sid suffers from a mental illness and spends his days rocking in a chair.
    • I have suffered from myopia or shortsightedness all my life and things are getting worse.
    • He finally lost his battle against leukemia after suffering from the illness for two years.
    • Fran was admitted to hospital last weekend suffering from a severe viral infection.
    • If you suffer from jaw joint problems you may have several of these symptoms or you may just have one.
    • She suffers from motor neurone disease and is experiencing the disintegration of her body.
    • Police called an ambulance as the woman suffered from emphysema but she was not taken to hospital.
    • He suffered from increasing physical and mental frailty in his last few years and lived in a nursing home.
    • The illness that he suffered from became progressively worse and led to blindness.
    • Although the cause of death is not known he was not suffering from any illness, his company said.
    • She suffered from a mystery illness that left her unable to breathe without a ventilator.
    • It is an active painkiller and can help those who suffer from illnesses such as muscular dystrophy.
    • He became interested in the subject after working with a dental nurse who suffered from migraines.