Translation of sufficiency in Spanish:


cantidad suficiente, n.

Pronunciation /səˈfɪʃənsi//səˈfɪʃ(ə)nsi/



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    cantidad suficiente feminine
    • Because of the rich distribution of blood vessels in the facial region, the color and luster of the complexion usually reflects the sufficiency or insufficiency of the blood supply and heart qi.
    • We can use these faculties to tend the planet and all its inhabitants, by means of inclusive social practices and arrangements that ensure a loving sufficiency for all.
    • There is a growing awareness that vitamin D sufficiency is required for optimal health.
    • A common expectation is that poor adolescents would place more emphasis on economic sufficiency in their ideal lives.
    • Defensive security is defined as a sufficiency of military and economic potentials of the state to repulse possible threats to its independence and territorial integrity.
    • It is plain to me that there is a sufficiency of state protection available to this appellant should she be returned to Albania.
    • We should take care of the natural world, provide material sufficiency for all and ensure social equality.
    • In the iron deserts of Kent, the traveler is advised to carry spare ammunition and a sufficiency of supplies, especially potable water.
    • It appears that art as an activity contributes nothing to the upkeep of the individual; it rarely obtains for him a sufficiency of money for rent and food, and does nothing to gratify sexual requirements.
    • This raises the question of how primates are able to locate a sufficiency of ripe fruits each day.
    • In contrast, economic sufficiency emerged as a significant theme when the adolescents were asked to describe their ideal lives.
    • PPG4 advises that planning authorities should aim to ensure both a sufficiency of employment land and a variety of sites to meet differing needs.
    • In addition, each of these slaves was to have ‘a portion of land allotted to him, adequate to produce, by cultivating it, a sufficiency of ground provisions for himself and his family,’ to be cultivated on Saturday afternoons out of crop.
    • It is perfectly true, of course, that inwardness - or self-cultivation or self-overcoming or whatever you like to call it - requires a sufficiency of material goods.
    • If the owner of the carriage is therefore responsible for the sufficiency of his carriage to his servant, he is responsible for the negligence of his coach-maker, or his harness-maker, or his coachman.
    • Additionally there is not a sufficiency of protection from the state.
    • The Adjudicator concluded that there was a sufficiency of protection available for the Appellant in his home area.
    • He had a sufficiency of means to gratify every lawful wish, and never knew anything of real poverty.
    • Should it worsen further, one would have to be very concerned of how it would affect the sufficiency of liquid milk supplies, and peak processing capacity around the country, which is already stretched to breaking point.
    • Neither food sufficiency nor ecological sustainability can be achieved by exporting inappropriate western technologies.