Translation of suffocate in Spanish:


asfixiar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsəfəˌkeɪt//ˈsʌfəkeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Friends of my family who were taken prisoner during the Bay of Pigs invasion suffocated to death in airless trucks as they were being transported to detention.
    • Two of those killed were children, aged two and five, who suffocated when teargas was fired at the picket line.
    • SIDS, also called crib death or cot death, occurs when babies suffocate accidentally or stop breathing in an event called sleep apnea.
    • Another major bee pest is the tracheal mite, which gets inside adult bees and clogs their breathing tubes, essentially suffocating the insects.
    • As I, along with half the nation, waited, hardly daring to breathe, the announcement came that little Kathy had suffocated.
    • While climbing out of the window, his neck got stuck and it appears he was unable to breathe and suffocated.
    • Twenty-one children were killed, most of them suffocated, and 47 others were injured when a guardrail gave way on a dark stairwell at a school during a power blackout last Monday.
    • At least 14 people were killed in the incident, including two small children who suffocated when teargas was shot into their homes.
    • The little girl had been molested and asphyxiated, suffocated to death.
    • Dozens of boys and men suffocated to death, locked for days in an airless, sweltering shipping container by rebels controlling northern Ivory Coast, two survivors said.
    • They are constrictors; they suffocate their prey by coiling around it and squeezing.
    • About ten people a year in the UK die from suffocating after having an allergic reaction to something they ate.
    • Unable to surface to breathe, they suffocate and drown and are eventually washed onto the beaches along the coast here.
    • The men reportedly suffocated after being held for hours in a vehicle that lacked oxygen.
    • That day she suffocated her son and then tried to kill herself.
    • A post-mortem examination showed he was asphyxiated, or suffocated.
    • I have been choked and almost suffocated to death during that time, all the while, more concerned about the well being of others than for myself.
    • En route, approximately half of the captives suffocated or were killed by shots fired by soldiers into the airtight containers.
    • The girls, aged three and four, were suffocated by fumes from the fire which started in the ground-floor flat of the three storey Victorian house in Osterley Road.
    • They might have suffered from lack of air in the crowded trucks and suffocated,’ the doctor said.

intransitive verb

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