Translation of suffragan in Spanish:


obispo sufragáneo, n.

(suffragan bishop)

Pronunciation /ˈsʌfrəɡ(ə)n//ˈsəfrəɡən/


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    obispo sufragáneo masculine
    • The archbishops, 42 diocesan bishops and 69 suffragan or full-time assistant bishops cost the church a grand total of £14.3m during 2003, the figures show.
    • All 44 diocesan bishops and 10 suffragans were asked to attend the meeting to discuss October's Windsor Report, a document produced to examine the crisis.
    • She was the first woman to rise to the position of suffragan, or assistant, bishop at the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts - a position previously reserved for men.
    • Asser lovingly records the many gifts he received from Alfred, and he may have been created a suffragan bishop based in Exeter before succeeding Wulfsige c. 900 as bishop of Sherborne.
    • Of the three options that would entail a permanent junior role for women, one would allow women to be suffragan bishops but prevent them being a senior bishop in charge of one of the church's 44 dioceses.