Translation of sugar in Spanish:


azúcar, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃʊɡər//ˈʃʊɡə/


  • 1

    (masculine or feminine) azúcar
    (content/level) (before noun) de azúcar
    how many sugars do you take? ¿cuántos terrones (/ cuántas cucharaditas) de azúcar quieres?
    • to put sugar in/on sth echarle / ponerle azúcar a algo
    • sugar bowl / basin azucarera
    • sugar industry industria azucarera
    • sugar mill / refinery ingenio azucarero
    • One of the first dietary rules for all diabetics is to avoid all sugar and foods containing sugar, such as pastry, candy and soft drinks.
    • Your daughter might try avoiding foods like candy, cookies, French fries, potato chips, sugar and white flour to see if it helps her complexion.
    • Add dried sweet osmanthus and crystal sugar to taste.
    • Small amounts of sugar may be required to take away the sharpness from fruit purées such as gooseberry and rhubarb - but avoid adding sugar to food and drinks.
    • In a small bowl, whisk together lime and orange juices, fish sauce, rice wine vinegar, sugar and jalapeno.
    • The purpose of digestion is to break down complex molecules into simple ones such as sugars, fats, and peptides.
    • Complex sugars coat almost every cell in the body, as well as microbes that cause disease.
    • This is why a bowl of sugar remains essentially unchanged for months or even years, although it is exposed to copious amounts of oxygen during that time.
    • Processed foods that contain refined sugar and white flour are fast carbohydrates.
    • Fast-burning foods include foods that contain sugar and white flour.
    • Because honey is essentially made of sugar and very little else, it is probably not a thing to be having in quantity in the diet.
    • Tooth decay is caused by the bacteria in dental plaque breaking down sugar in the foods and drinks that you eat and drink.
    • In the warm, humid tropics, where humans evolved, yeasts on the fruit skin and within the fruit convert sugars into various forms of alcohol, the most common being ethanol.
    • In a separate bowl, sift together sugar, flour, baking powder and baking soda.
    • Fried foods, very spicy foods and foods containing too much sugar, such as sweets, can cause health problems and should be limited during Ramadan.
    • Many people, myself included, find bursts of sugar in savory food highly unpleasant.
    • Whisk together flour, oats, sugar, baking powder and salt in a large bowl.
    • Part of the problem is that increasingly health-conscious consumers see Coke as a drink packed with sugar and chemical sweeteners and not much else.
    • A NIH study in 1982 tested the theory that refined sugar and food additives make children hyperactive and inattentive.
    • Commonly used sweeteners include honey, sugar, maple and corn syrup among others.
    • So it is crucial to monitor your intake of glucose from starchy foods (bread, rice and potatoes), sugar and other sweet foods.
    • The extent to which sugars move across the plasma membranes of embryo-derived protoplasts during isolation, suspension, and drying is not known and merits further investigation.
    • Consume these sugars a half-hour before and immediately after your workouts.
    • Refined foods, foods high in sugar and white flour are also a problem.
    • A wine-like beverage can be made from almost any fruit, berry, or other plant material containing sugar.
  • 2USinformal

    cariño informal
    cielo informal
    • ‘Look at me, sugar’, he said.
    • Spoken and written substitutes for the word in American English include sugar, sheesh, shoot, and shucks, as in the constructions: Oh, sugar! Aww, shucks!
    • Well yes, compared to the drab fifties and khaki they probably were, but today their colours seem to be seen through a sepia veneer, and, sugar, that doesn't do it for me.
  • 3euphemistic, informal

    ¡miércoles! euphemistic informal
    ¡mecachis! euphemistic informal

transitive verb

  • 1

    (fruit/cereal/coffee) echarle azúcar a
    (cereal/coffee/fruit) ponerle azúcar a
    (fruit/cereal/coffee) azucarar
    sugared almonds (feminine plural) peladillas