Translation of suggest in Spanish:


sugerir, v.

Pronunciation: /sə(ɡ)ˈdʒɛst//səˈdʒɛst/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(propose)

      he suggested dinner the next evening sugirió / propuso que cenáramos juntos al día siguiente
      • to suggest sth to sb sugerirle algo a algn
      • to suggest -ing sugerir que + subj
      • to suggest to sb that sugerirle a algn que
      • I suggested three alternatives to them les sugerí / les propuse tres alternativas
      • the only thing I can suggest to you is to tell them the truth lo único que te puedo sugerir es que les digas la verdad
      • she suggested leaving them a note sugirió dejarles / que les dejáramos una nota
      • he suggested to me that I (should) look for another job me sugirió que buscara otro trabajo
      • it was you who suggested (that) I tell my parents fuiste tú quien me sugirió que se lo dijera a mis padres
      • I suggest (that) we eat before the show sugiero / propongo que comamos antes de la función
      • can you suggest where we might meet? ¿se te ocurre algún lugar donde podríamos encontrarnos?
      • he suggested to us how we might do it nos sugirió cómo podríamos hacerlo
      • he suggested Smith (to us) as a suitable candidate (nos) propuso a Smith como un candidato idóneo
      • We have suggested to the Mayors that they form a League of Cities to lobby for a better deal.
      • However, alternative mechanisms have been suggested which are a mixture between the direct and indirect mechanism.
      • Let's just get in the car and leave, " he suggested with a shrug.
      • "Take some pills, dear, " Nell suggests with a smile.
      • Some people, mainly retailers, have suggested it should be moved to a Sunday to minimise the impact on trade.
      • Horses, I suggested to him, always seemed far more enigmatic than dogs or even cats.
      • Her psychiatrist suggested to her parents that they should take her back to Nigeria for a long holiday.
      • May I humbly suggest a clearer alternative to that meaningless bit of cant?
      • Accordingly, I do not think the approach suggested by either counsel is particularly helpful or indeed necessary.
      • Mr Carter has suggested to us that this notice of appeal was prepared in a hurry and that it is in some way deficient.
      • I suggested to her that she should go and do a test, but she said she cannot because it would be bad luck.
      • I suggested to her we start our own scholarly website and she was very taken with that idea.
      • He denied he had suggested to the children putting the stickers up in school.
      • In the meantime, I would strongly suggest not using the light until after it's been checked.
      • They splashed around the water until the referee suggested to move the ring to a drier place.
      • Several hypotheses have been suggested to explain the pathophysiology of the medial tibial stress syndrome.
      • I don't think that the prosecution wants to suggest for a moment that there is any sanity issue here.
      • So last Christmas I suggested to my brother-in-law that we do something different.
      • With the wind increasing in strength and the rain lashing down I suggested to Kate, ‘Shall we call it a day?’
      • Someone suggested to her they might be of value and that she send them to me for an opinion.

    • 1.2(offer for consideration)

      can you suggest a possible source for this rumor? ¿se le ocurre quién puede haber empezado este rumor?
      • I suggest (that) he's lying yo diría que está mintiendo
      • no one is suggesting you stole the money nadie está diciendo que se robó el dinero
      • I suggest (to you) that you are not telling the whole truth me atrevería a afirmar que no nos está diciendo toda la verdad

    • 1.3(imply, insinuate)

      what are you trying to suggest by that? ¿qué quieres insinuar con eso?
      • are you suggesting (that) my son is a thief? ¿insinúa usted que mi hijo es un ladrón?
      • Bullying is a significant problem, with figures suggesting one in five suffer.
      • Such scenes suggest the larger problem with the film, which is chiefly one of subtlety.
      • He does however believe that it is perfectly reasonable to suggest that God has always existed and always will.
      • It is not suggested in argument that a tort, if it existed under Community Law would be restricted.
      • These figures suggest a further significant increase, but they need to be treated with some caution.
      • Are you suggesting that sun moves around the earth and that Copernicus and Galileo were wrong?
      • Further investigation will be necessary to test these hypotheses suggested by the observations in the present study.
      • Each zone also suggests which types of cardio best attack your problem areas.
      • Shifting his imposing frame, his expression takes on a thunderous aspect, suggesting this is the wrong question to ask.
      • It has not been suggested that it has any reference, expressed or implied, to arbitration.
      • In short, it suggested to Russell how to show that logic and mathematics are identical.
      • The discovery suggests that life could exist on planets very different from Earth.
      • The same logic that suggested using water for heat dictated using sun for light.
      • Consensus trees should be interpreted with care as they may not be the most parsimonious hypotheses suggested by the data.
      • But London has to act on any feedback which suggests its efforts are being scotched north of the border.
      • But evidence suggests a different story, and one that is worrying for quite the opposite reason.
      • But because he is a doctor, Reuters is suggesting to readers that his word is necessarily authoritative.
      • More specifically, the findings suggest what sorts of strategies would be most acceptable to the target population.
      • Is there any pattern that might suggest who might be behind all of the violence?
      • Another view exists suggesting it is difficult to get the sums right given the diverse nature of the taxation system.

    • 1.4

      to suggest itself
      • an idea/a plan suggested itself to him se le ocurrió una idea/un plan
      • nothing suggests itself no se me ocurre nada

  • 2

    (indicate, point to)
    his reaction suggested a guilty conscience su reacción indicaba / daba a entender que se sentía culpable
    • all the evidence suggests that he was involved todas las pruebas indican que él estaba involucrado
  • 3

    (evoke, bring to mind)
    what does this melody suggest to you? ¿qué le sugiere esta melodía?