Translation of suggestion in Spanish:


sugerencia, n.

Pronunciation: /sə(ɡ)ˈdʒɛstʃ(ə)n//səˈdʒɛstʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(proposal)

      sugerencia feminine
      to make a suggestion hacer una sugerencia
      • if I may offer a suggestion si se me permite hacer una sugerencia
      • to make improper suggestions hacer proposiciones deshonestas
      • I'm open to suggestions acepto sugerencias
      • have you any suggestions for speeding up the process? ¿se le ocurre algo para acelerar el proceso?
      • it was your suggestion to have a picnic fuiste tú quien propuso / sugirió ir de picnic
      • I bought it at my wife's suggestion lo compré porque mi mujer me lo sugirió
      • She found this project exciting to work on because the owner was very open to new ideas and suggestions for his premises.
      • She says the conference has given her ideas and suggestions for making teaching and learning fun.
      • The booklet had a list of propositions, or suggestions for changes on the city and state levels.
      • Rousseau went much further than constructive, intelligent suggestions for urban planning.
      • The authors offer a few suggestions for policy change, but pay limited attention to such matters.
      • However, this dilemma has given me an idea - I want your suggestions for titles for my blog posts.
      • What were his suggestions for improving higher education in all parts of India?
      • Seek good suggestions for improvement from your staff and implement their ideas.
      • I am open to all suggestions and ideas as to how we can make this project successful.
      • A three year plan will be drafted at this meeting and all present are welcome to contribute ideas and suggestions to that plan.
      • He also provides detailed suggestions for structuring and refining the instrument.
      • I'm open to suggestions for additional good news sources, especially foreign ones.
      • The headteacher of Radcliffe's new high school is inviting people to put forward suggestions for its name.
      • Next week, I intend to share your thoughtful suggestions for action with my students.
      • The meeting is open to all and an ideal opportunity for anyone with ideas or suggestions to put them forward for discussion.
      • Residents and community groups are being asked to put forward suggestions for the future use of a disused Bradford church.
      • Links, submissions and suggestions for the site are of course very welcome.
      • He will only listen to suggestions for modifying the scheme.
      • I have some suggestions for serious consideration by the august committee.
      • The group will meet again in September and are looking forward to suggestions for the development of the field.

    • 1.2(explanation, theory)

      teoría feminine
      his suggestion is the most plausible su teoría es la más probable
      • Kitchener, however, struck up an amicable relationship with Botha and most of the other Boer leaders and at his suggestion on April 18th they left to consult their commandos.
      • At my suggestion as Party Chair, the Minnesota Republican Party sued on this issue.
      • We gathered our things, he paid our bill, with a generous tip, at my suggestion, and we made our way through the unpleasant crowd to the doors.
      • At my suggestion, my wife agreed to e-mail Rita to tell her that I am not sick after all, and that she and I are not sleeping together.
      • I have prepared and am faxing to Ian, at his suggestion, a draft loan agreement to be entered into by you, with Burton Holdings, and a copy of this is enclosed to you for your information.
      • At my suggestion, my 78-year-old mother has given my son a Thrasher subscription as a Christmas gift for the past several years.
      • Insp Dowling was previously the section commander at the Devizes town police station and it was at his suggestion that the alcohol-free zone in the town centre was set up.
      • This morning, at my suggestion, we went down to Taunton to tour the agents.
      • At his suggestion, she studied dentistry from 1923-26 and then worked as a dental technician until 1933.
      • At her suggestion, I'm to not spend anymore than 20 minutes at a time on my feet and I should be taking 20 minute breaks in-between walking around.
      • I am also rather annoyed at his suggestion that the RAF does nothing about reducing the noise when in fact they make strenuous efforts to keep noise to a minimum as do most responsible aviation bodies.
      • But Gorbachev too was influenced by Western disarmament groups, and even initiated a nuclear testing moratorium at their suggestion.
      • Later, at a news conference, Mihailova stated that the decision to withdraw confidence in the candidate was taken at her suggestion.
      • In 1802 she wrote an admiring letter to Sir W. Scott, who found some merit in her poetry and edited her works in three volumes, with a memoir, in 1810, at her suggestion.
      • At his suggestion we go diving in the blue grottoes offshore.
      • At his suggestion I tackled the Judeo-German Weiber literature.
      • At their suggestion I sent a complaint there and was rewarded with an anodyne standard letter which was obviously sent out to all complainants but which dealt with none of the points I raised.
      • At my suggestion and upon that provided by several patients, the Mastocytosis Society has sent a questionnaire to all its patient members.
      • ‘Yeah, that's what I thought they'd do,’ said Corrigan on Wednesday, smiling at the suggestion.
      • It was a nickname given to me by my peers - at my suggestion.

    • 1.3(insinuation)

      insinuación feminine
      • In fact, there are suggestions that the reverse may be true in some cases.
      • Let us look more closely at the suggestion that mathematical truths imply the existence of mathematical objects, conceived as a species of abstract objects.
      • With a slightly offended air and a breathtaking ability to ignore the facts he says there is no foundation for such a suggestion.
      • This suggestion clearly implies that the animals were feral, or even simply free-roaming domesticated herds, rather than genuinely wild.
      • There is a covert inference, a suggestion in fact, that there is a better way of speaking about this experience.
      • Grimness, in its suggestion of a dire situation, of even a hopeless one, makes it pretty difficult to take issue.
      • I mean, the other day there was a suggestion that in fact the ice sheet is getting thicker for various reasons.
      • All I hope to add to this debate is the suggestion that cultural similarities may, in fact, cause more trouble than differences.
      • Initial feelings were that the steering in this much larger and heavier car was not as precise as with the smaller C 200, but it was more of a suggestion than actual fact.
      • For you to even make such a suggestion strongly implies that you're really not interested in a serious debate on this issue.
      • Further verbal irony is implied with the suggestion that Orion has been walking ‘in darkness too long.’
      • There were suggestions that in fact a confession video was made before the act itself.
      • Thus, while it was not the only factor, there was a suggestion that the fact that resources were limited had influenced the Authority.
      • Robertson said that the suggestion implied that athletes were being unpatriotic competing for Team GB.
      • There was a suggestion that the very fact the trial was held in Mayo guaranteed that the defendant would not be found guilty of murder.
      • A suggestion was made, in fact, in the New York Times this weekend that the Internet is in its character a very American kind of place as opposed to a European or Asian kind of place.
      • Also implied was the suggestion that femininity coupled with an aggressive stance is desirable.
      • Some suggestions indicate the damage could have been inflicted by a female or someone who held a grudge against the firm.
      • There is no suggestion, never mind evidence, that the appellant pleaded guilty only to at a stage where he felt he was in a position to do so.
      • In fact, he even takes issue with the suggestion that last week's performance by his party should be regarded as a failure.
      • His suggestion also implies making heroin more freely available to people with problems.

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    • 2.1(indication, hint)

      indicio masculine
      there is no suggestion of any change in policy no hay ningún indicio de un cambio de política
      • there was no suggestion of foul play no había indicios de que se hubiese cometido un crimen
      • He looks the age and although his character still appears fit, his mannerisms have just a slight suggestion of slowness to them.
      • She's always on the edge of her chair, ready to pounce at the slightest suggestion of a whisper.
      • Year upon year, traffic is brought into chaos with the slightest suggestion of a snowfall.
      • In none of them is there the slightest suggestion of allegory or of otherwise disconnecting it from physical temporal reality.
      • It was always how Benji reacted at the slightest suggestion of any such thing.
      • This is particularly true of nicotine where there is not even the slightest suggestion of compulsive use in laboratory species.
      • The Andante was played with melting beauty, but without the slightest suggestion of heavy handedness.
      • Sporangia are fusiform with the suggestion of a slight twist at the base.
      • I set her upright, she smoothed her jacket and, not looking to me for even a moment, took her leave of the carriage with the vaguest suggestion of a smile on her face.
      • She knows that it wouldn't help my cause if there was even the slightest suggestion of immorality attached to my name-even as a denial.
      • It just goes to show how malleable women are when there's the slightest suggestion of beauty and youth.
      • With the slightest suggestion of an audience, she radiates.
      • Eden was born in the heart of Geordie country but spoke without the slightest suggestion of it.
      • His command is built on a tightrope of mixed emotions, a powder keg ready to explode at the slightest suggestion of disrespect.
      • There was not the slightest suggestion of any form of persecution at all.
      • It is a knowing smile with the suggestion of having known too much.
      • It even comes with a hefty chunk of lemon, in addition to the salt and vinegar [which was disappointingly run of the mill, with not the slightest suggestion of rose Perry vinegar or Caspian salt flakes].
      • Be advised they'll also be in no mood to tolerate even the slightest suggestion of possessiveness.
      • A wonderful feeling for style, without the slightest suggestion of cheap effects or sentimentality.
      • Only at the Mpi locus was there a slight suggestion of a deficiency of heterozygotes.

    • 2.2(slight trace)

      there was a suggestion of a smile on her face apenas esbozó una sonrisa
      • a dish with a (slight) suggestion of saffron un plato con un ligerísimo sabor a azafrán

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    sugestión feminine