Translation of suicide in Spanish:


suicidio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈs(j)uːɪsʌɪd//ˈsuəˌsaɪd/


  • 1

    suicidio masculine
    (attempt/pact) (before noun) de suicidio
    (mission/bombing) suicida
    to commit suicide suicidarse
    • an attempted suicide un intento de suicidio
    • political suicide suicidio político
    • (in Pacific War) suicide pilot kamikaze
    • suicide rate índice de suicidios
    • A man dresses as a suicide bomber and carries a fake bomb.
    • Thus, Pape believes that suicide terrorism is essentially a strategy for national liberation from foreign military occupation.
    • The attack was carried out by a suicide bomber who blew himself up in a parking lot close to a restaurant.
    • Over the past seven years, 92 people have committed suicide or died while attempting to avoid deportation.
    • It was not immediately clear whether the teenager was connected to any of the militant groups that have carried out suicide bombings.
    • A missile attack on a densely populated area is no more justifiable than a suicide bombing.
    • The explosive charges carried by the suicide bombers were packed with ball bearings and pieces of metal to maximise death and injury.
    • Last month's murder of 31 Indians was blamed on three suicide attackers.
    • The foundation said that this year several potato growers of Uttar Pradesh and other parts of the country committed suicide because of over-production and no buyers.
    • Since then she has had a string of roles in Hindi cinema, the most notable being her portrayal of a suicide bomber in The Terrorist.
    • Her father committed suicide, her mother attempted suicide and she is co-founder of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention.
    • They said they have been ordered to carry out suicide bombings but decided instead they would give up.
    • In past weeks, bombers have carried out heavy suicide bombings but in single strikes.
    • One member of the terrorist group was a suicide bomber who blew himself up next to a security fence, enabling the other gunmen to storm the religious site.
    • The troubled woman committed suicide seven years ago.
    • He will be lower profile, but the suicide bombings are expected to continue because he is an extremist.
    • What they believed they were searching for was a suicide hijacker or team of hijackers.
    • The doomed King Charles I's surveyor, Abraham van der Doort, for instance, committed suicide after misplacing one of 3,000 miniatures.
    • Your squad travels behind enemy lines disabling radio contacts, to better prepare the suicide mission of Operation Overlord.
    • Two alleged paedophiles, who lived opposite the proposed hostel in Fivefields Road, committed suicide on the day they were to supposed to stand trial at Winchester Crown Court.
    • The depressive comic committed suicide in 1968, at the age of 44, but left behind a wealth of material that has continued to win fans with sketches such as The Blood Donor.
    • Several villages around the cities have also been occupied as the army tries to prevent militants from carrying out suicide bombings.
    • His determination to carry out a suicide bombing was against the wishes of his own family.
    • If they committed suicide we must know why they committed suicide, and if they were murdered we must know why.
    • In his usual style, he had set up entities to carry out the suicide bomb operations that allowed him to deny responsibility for them.
    • They know that no military operation can stop the suicide bombers.
    • The documents showed some entered the country in the days around the suicide hijackings.
    • Eight anarchist trade unionists were arrested: four were hanged, one committed suicide in prison and the remaining three were eventually pardoned.
    • Most of the Jews inside decided they would rather die than surrender, and committed mass suicide.
    • The story goes that the first forced marriage was carried out in the 1970s, after seven sisters, unmarried because of their poverty, committed suicide together.
    • What should you do if someone your child knows, perhaps a friend or a classmate, has attempted or committed suicide?
    • None of their family members had attempted or committed suicide in the preceding year.
    • A woman whose husband committed suicide was one of those who contributed to a recent seminar on suicide held in Skreen.
    • In Wilson College, Mumbai, an assistant librarian committed suicide because the college authorities had allegedly harassed her.
    • On another occasion during our two-year lease, a man who lived across the street committed suicide by jumping from what was a one-story building.
    • Quoting the SAS motto Who Dares Wins, he called on worshippers to ‘out-imagine’ those who carried out suicide bombings.
    • ‘The result of the investigation so far indicates that the bombings were carried out by suicide bombers,’ he said.
  • 2literary

    suicida masculine
    • Other songs have ageing rockers dying unmourned and a would-be suicide weighing up the pro's and con's of life.
    • After, on average, more than twenty-six years, ninety-four per cent of the would-be suicides were either still alive or had died of natural causes.
    • We drove across a bridge that's become so popular with suicides that the city is now encasing it with expensive, hideous jumper-proof wiring.
    • But in fact more than half have not been convicted of anything, and are placed here by social services because they are runaways, potentially violent, self-harmers or potential suicides.
    • Over the years the Humber Bridge has built up an unenviable reputation for attracting would-be suicides.
    • Jane Pennington died a suicide at the age of 48.
    • A would-be suicide was talked out of hanging himself from a public bridge - only to be promptly charged with assault.
    • Nor is it at all uncommon for suicides to work something from popular songs or books or films into their deaths.
    • Many SIBs would previously have been recorded as would-be suicides.
    • It could just be about the world's losers, the failed would-be suicides and all our broken hearts.
    • The autonomy granted by decriminalising suicide and attempted suicide in section 1 enables a would-be suicide to change her mind and seek help without fear of prosecution.