Translation of suicide pact in Spanish:

suicide pact

pacto suicida, n.


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    pacto suicida masculine
    • He was the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Newton, a couple so distraught following the killing they agreed on and were about to follow through on a suicide pact.
    • It is not thought that a suicide note was found with the bodies, but police and prison authorities were investigating whether the deaths were part of a suicide pact.
    • A devoted couple in their 80s have been found dead in their home after an apparent suicide pact, police said yesterday.
    • A psychiatric patient may have died as part of a suicide pact with another patient, an inquest heard.
    • Yet at the same time it is possible for strangers to make a suicide pact on the internet and die together in a car park.
    • He concluded: ‘She was going through a difficult period and I find it hard to think it was a suicide pact.’
    • Over time she reluctantly tells the story of her past to Stingo, but she is never able to forgive herself and finally chooses to die beside Nathan in a suicide pact.
    • The footage was edited into an uncommonly moving drama about the decision to be or not to be, with a narrative focused on a suicide pact between the three principals.
    • After six months of relative harmony, however, the friendship came to an end when Van Gogh tried to involve Reid in an ill-conceived suicide pact.
    • They told officers that they had made a suicide pact with each other because they were unable to pay their rent and send money to their families.
    • An Iranian man backed out of a suicide pact with his new wife and immediately turned himself in to the police last weekend.
    • She was pursued by the Belgian government for tax evasion, had problems with drugs and died in 1985 in a suicide pact with her ex-nun female lover.
    • Their cousin Rudolph, Crown Prince of Austria, was to shoot himself in 1889 after apparently entering into a suicide pact with his lover.
    • While the pair were sharing their third floor studio and apartment in Paris the two men made a suicide pact.
    • I also enjoyed the last story, about a pair of Internet friends who meet to fulfil a suicide pact on New Year's Eve, 1999.
    • She died from a suspected drug overdose in an apparent suicide pact with her best friend Rebecca who survived.
    • It is believed they died in a suicide pact and had been lying in the car for some days before Gardaí were alerted.
    • A quick search of all postings can yield just the kind of partner you want to form a suicide pact with.
    • Some nine Japanese Net users apparently got together to carry out a suicide pact and simultaneously took their own lives at a couple of separate locations.
    • A teenage girl died yesterday after entering into an apparent suicide pact with a friend she had met in an internet chatroom.