Translation of suit in Spanish:


traje, n.

Pronunciation /sut//suːt/


  • 1

    (male) traje masculine
    (male) terno masculine Chile
    (male) vestido masculine Colombia
    (three-piece) traje masculine
    (three-piece) terno South America
    (female) traje (de chaqueta) masculine
    (female) traje sastre masculine
    • The firm makes fabrics for men's suits and women's tailored garments.
    • Even Russian men, whose clothing choice was once limited to polyester business suits or polyester jogging suits, have become fussy dressers.
    • Shane gets in to the swing of things by donning a convincing cowboy suit during his performance.
    • They watched these two men, and as soon as the bird flew from the nest they began to crawl forward in their gilly suits.
    • He was the man in the fire-red jogging suit and the wild processed hair inspired by James Brown.
    • In an effort to boost pride in York, it was agreed cabbies should wear smart suits, tailored trousers and black dress shoes in winter.
    • He attempted to enter the ship by the funnel but nearly went up in a puff of smoke due to the non fire retardant Santa suit.
    • But staff refused to let him back even though he was dressed smartly in his club suit after helping his team beat Mansfield 4-1 on penalties.
    • Ideally, you should avoid wearing fully lined suits and jackets on hot summer days.
    • He explained that the chemical suits would also be employed in the event of a chemical spill or other incident involving hazardous materials.
    • Don't use a powerlifting suit or shirt; special clothing will make you depend more on momentum than on muscle.
    • Diving history is illustrated through several odd contraptions, from early submersion suits like the one pictured to modern, state-of-the art technology.
    • That is how sportswear manufacturers describe their latest suits designed to help Olympic competitors fight the summer heat in Athens.
    • He has a great selection of fabrics, and can design suits in the standard English and American styles, as well as adjust for current trends and your taste.
    • For that distinct, chic western look, the outlet has a complete range of suits and jackets made of imported fabric from Italy and Japan.
    • He probably also designs those fantastically expensive suits and clothes as well, doodling them down on the backs of team sheets during langours in play.
    • The trench coat is a great jacket for workdays, to wear over suits or even sport jackets.
    • A two-man recompression chamber was provided, as was a protective suit which would be worn by a sailor called to inspect and destroy unexploded ordnance.
    • Dangerous contaminants at the crash site required the team members to wear full rubber protective suits for their safety.
    • I tried on new tops, pants, jeans, suits, and jackets and made my selection.
    • The man in the pinstriped suit and bowler hat is tapping his silver-topped cane on the breakfast table to emphasise each key point of his masterplan for the future well-being of the nation.
    • Sporty looks were attractive, too, in cafe au lait and dark brown leather shorts outfits with turned-up sleeves on the blouses, or skirt suits.
    • If you are still clinging to polyester ski pants and an old knit, long sleeved, bike jersey as your race suit, consider Lycra.
    • All of it looked familiar - except the shiny, glow-in-the-dark running suits designed by Emilio Sosa.
    • The wearing of the jogging suit by the non-jogging public, I contend, is the heralding of the downfall of American society.
    • Choose jackets, tailored suits and shirtwaist dresses with straight, classic cuts.
    • Cerruti has veered away from innocuous and terribly predictable suits; away from trousers, jacket, belt and shoes in perfect harmony.
    • Two men rose from among the audience, one young, in a khaki suit with short trousers, the other older, with a white shirt.
    • Here two of the more junior sailors donned their dive suits and swam 500m out to the team's rigid inflatable boat, which was moored off the beach each night.
    • Her skirt suits were versatile enough for the office and other social occasions.
    • Firefighters again donned protective suits and collected the powder for forensic examination.
    • His dress sense too is said to be impeccable, but conservative: wearing well-cut classic suits, and plain shirts.
    • He had a spotty complexion and wore a striped T-shirt and blue Reebok track suit.
    • In cities, men wear lightweight suits or shirts and trousers that suit Venezuela's climate.
    • Sailors dash around in fearnought firefighting suits.
    • Today, he clings to memories and a photograph of his dad donning his green flight suit.
    • But then, many in those days wore three-piece suits and the vest effectively hid the bottom of the tie.
    • City smart looks include neat fit suits, pencil skirts, mini skirts, sleek trousers and fine knitwear.
    • My question is, what is the proper shirt-and-tie combo to wear with a pinstriped suit?
    • Being cold is no fun, so pack the right diving suit and be damned, but remember that your head is the area of greatest heat loss.
  • 2

    juicio masculine
    pleito masculine
    to file suit/ bring a suit against sb llevar a algn a juicio
    • Comparatively few litigants bring suits, or defend them, at their own expense.
    • It is in the interests of public policy to discourage suits and encourage settlements.
    • Plaintiffs' lawyers often turn instead to personal injury suits.
    • Since society has a minimal concern with the outcome of such private suits, plaintiff's burden of proof is a mere preponderance of the evidence.
    • They are blanketing hundreds of small and large Web sites with lawsuits, threats of suits and demands for licensing payments.
    • Such clauses need not prevent the prosecution of meritorious suits.
    • The rule would require every malpractice suit to have a certificate of merit.
    • However, some of the proposals on the table go far beyond establishing the procedures that govern tort suits brought in federal court.
    • The main reason is that only the better off may be able to afford to move into separate accommodation and wait for two years before reaching a property settlement in the divorce suit.
    • The Amendment only withholds federal judicial power in suits against the state by citizens of another state, or by citizens or subjects of any foreign state.
    • Of course, there is always the sanction of prosecutions or civil suits, and those must always remain the primary sanction for any breach of the criminal or civil law.
    • Shareholder suits are designed to be a final, desperation remedy, not a knee-jerk reaction.
    • It is because such acts or omissions affect the public at large that they are punishable as offences at common law and are actionable at the suit of the Attorney-General on behalf of the public.
    • There is no reason to fear a flood of negligence suits against barristers.
    • Lawsuits in particular class-action legal suits, can provide some redress.
    • Thus the position now acknowledged is that in an appropriate case a claimant in a negligence suit may establish a prima facie case by relying on the fact of the accident.
    • Ads designed to assemble litigants for class action suits represent an explosive area of growth in legal advertising.
    • Now, wives routinely join their husbands' personal injury suits to assert their own claims.
    • This focuses attention on what in my view is the single important difference between judicial review and civil suit, the differing time limits.
    • If a plaintiff wins his suit in public nuisance, he can receive both money damages and injunctive relief.
  • 3dated

    (in courtship)
    petición de mano feminine
    to plead / press one's suit pedir la mano de algn
    • The knight undertakes a love suit to the daughter of Selestinus, a wise emperor in Rome, and certain strange terms are agreed upon between them as the condition of her favor.
    • He took the rejection of his suit to the princess hard, and has plotted revenge against those caused the rejection of his suit.
  • 4

    (in cards)
    palo masculine
    to be sb's strong / long suit ser el fuerte de algn
    • to follow suit (in cards) seguir el palo
    • The classic order of suits is hearts above diamonds, and spades above clubs.
    • There is no ranking between the suits - so for example the king of hearts and the king of spades are equal.
    • If another card is led, it can be played instead of playing one of your other cards of the same suit.
    • Therefore the ace of diamonds is the lowest card of its suit when diamonds are not trumps.
    • It is generally easiest to divide a deck by suits, and then give each player all the cards of one suit.
    • The Hanafunda deck consisted of 48 cards divided in 12 different suits, one for each month of the year.
    • These have since been further developed to the four symbols of magical elements, to also be seen on Tarot packs as the four suits.
    • The cards are divided into three suits of twelve cards each.
    • A ‘straight’ is five cards in consecutive order, any combination of suits.
    • The 56 Minor Arcana cards are divided into four suits, much like traditional playing cards.
    • The suits for this purpose are ranked Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds
    • On the other hand, if it was a group, you would not need to specify the suits represented by the jokers.
    • Like cards, piecepack components are divided into suits: Suns, Moons, Arms, and Crowns.
    • The game also rewards your persistence by giving you a new map after beating the diamond suits.
    • Samba is a variation in which it is possible to meld cards in sequence in a suit as well as sets of equal cards.
    • The other players must all play spades if they can, but players 2 and 3 have no spades and so are allowed to play other suits.
    • To a three-card set with two jokers you could add any two of the three missing suits, releasing one of the jokers and forming a closed four-card set.
    • All remaining cards from the other two suits are taken out of play.
    • If you play this variation, you can sometimes use a joker profitably to lengthen one of your suits.
    • Tiles in a set of Chinese dominoes are divided into two suits (Civil and Military).

transitive verb

  • 1

    (be convenient to, please)
    (arrangements/time) venirle bien a
    (time/arrangements) convenirle a
    Tuesday/four o'clock would suit me better me vendría mejor el martes/a las cuatro
    • it would suit me better to start next week me vendría mejor / me convendría más empezar la semana que viene
    • whenever it suits you cuando te convenga
    • she knows what suits her best sabe lo que le conviene
    • it's impossible to suit everybody es imposible contentar a todo el mundo
    • a chateau in France would suit me fine no le haría ascos a un castillo en Francia
    • to suit oneself hacer lo que uno quiere
    • suit yourself! ¡haz lo que quieras!
  • 2

    (be appropriate, good for)
    the job doesn't suit him el trabajo no es para él / no le va
    • such language does not suit a man of God ese vocabulario no es el que corresponde a / el que se espera de un religioso
    • they suit each other very well son de caracteres muy compatibles
    • this cold weather doesn't suit me este tiempo frío no me sienta bien
    • the furniture doesn't suit the house los muebles no van con la casa
  • 3

    (look good with)
    (hairstyle/dress) quedarle bien a
    (dress/hairstyle) irle bien a Spain
    that color really suits you ese color te queda muy bien / te favorece
    • short hair suits the shape of her face el pelo corto le va bien a su forma de cara
  • 4

    to suit sth to sth/sb adaptar algo a algo/algn
    • industry has to suit design to current fashion la industria tiene que adaptar el diseño a la moda del momento